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Bucket List Traveler: How do I begin?

bucket list traveler

Bucket List Traveler: Are you one? Do you want to know how to become one?

Traveling and exploring our planet gives me life

But it is not always as easy or seamless as it used to be.

In the vast tapestry of human existence, few pursuits ignite the spirit and capture the imagination quite like travel. The allure of exploring new landscapes, immersing ourselves in diverse cultures, and experiencing the wonders of the world firsthand is a profound force that drives many of us to create a bucket list of destinations and experiences to envelope.

So, what does it mean to become a Bucket List Traveler?

A bucket list traveler is an adventurer who yearns to explore the world’s landscape, whether near or far, and traverse areas and roads “less traveled.” It is someone who wants to gaze upon the ancient wonders, and witness natural phenomena that stir the soul.

It is the dreamer who aims to collect memories that will last a lifetime.


You have come to the right place. Here we will lay out some simple tips, budget hacks, and a template of how to begin!

Welcome to the Bucket List Traveler Guide

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Bucket List Traveler: Step 1- “List it Up!”

bucket list traveler
bucket list 2023

Bucket list traveler

Taking a few minutes prior to leaving for your trip, no matter how close or far you will be from your home, making a list is an amazing tool to use to keep yourself organized and efficient during your trip!

Making a list for packing, transportation, or during your trip can help you avoid unnecessary issues such as forgotten items left at home, getting lost during touring in unknown locations, and time lost during your travels researching activities, resources, etc.

Here is our simple Bucket List example!

  1. Digital Detox in ALASKA

  2. Kayak in Europe- Poland

  3. Ghost hunt at a haunted castle- Norway

  4. Drink wine from a crystal glass- Italy

  5. Watch a Rocket Launch- Kennedy Space Center Florida

  6. Swim with Manatees- Florida

  7. Hear the whistling people of La Gomera- Spain

  8. Run with a herd of Reindeer– Finland

  9. Watch two oceans collide and dance- New Zealand

  10. Find hidden treasure while Geocaching- Beavercreek, Oregon

Step 2: “Think Ahead”

Having a clear and concise plan for your trip- whether it is for business or pleasure, can be VERY advantageous for your time there.

This can allow you to make the most of your time and sight seeing and you avoid the downward spiral of aimlessly going from place to place and then before you know it your day is gone and you missed out on places or things you had really wanted to experience.

Also, planning ahead helps logistically with packing, airlines, transportation, and even scoring the BEST PRICES!!

Traveling on a budget, am I right?

Step 3: Make the Most of It!

Now this one might seem common sense, but hear me out.

How many times do we just choose to go to destinations because a friend recommended it, the khardashian’s went there, or it has just been hyped up so much that “well, that is where ALL the tourists go?”

Why? Why settle?

I invite you to explore the world and go to places that are less frequented due to commercialization and popularity. You have NO IDEA the sacred and longterm memories you may make by traveling to a place that no one has thought of or even considers.

I hope that these simple but yet powerful bucket list traveler tips have helped you plan for your next solo or family trip!

Cannot wait to see you out there exploring this magnificent beautiful planet.


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