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Yoga Benefits of Moon Flow

yoga benefits of

Yoga Benefits of Moon Flow

Creating the time to commit to a yoga practice is not as hard as we sometimes make it.

A 3 or 5 minute yoga flow is just as beneficial and cleansing as a 60 minute practice.

What is beneficial about a 60 minute yoga practice if you are completely distracted, in pain, can’t relax, and are frustrated the whole time?

If in 3 minutes you are able to center, calm, restore, and cleanse your mind and refresh, does that not seem more beneficial?

The raw truth: sometimes duration is more harmful than quality.

We all would like to reduce anxiety and sleep better, so why not learn the yoga benefits of Chandra Flow?

Yoga Benefits of Moon Flow: Overview

yoga benefits of

yoga benefits of moon flow

Chandra flows are cooling, restorative practices that can be done at anytime of day.

Typically, the benefits of this practice are amplified in the evening or right before bed.

Deeper sleep, longer sleep quality, reduced anxiety, and clarity of mind are just a few of the amazing yoga benefits of moon flow.

Now, blending two benefits together sounds amazing to me: reduce anxiety and accomplish that by doing a quick yoga flow.

Let’s begin the yoga benefits of moon flow…

Yoga Benefits of moon Flow: Chandra Flow Instruction

Begin on your mat in a child’s pose.

Take a moment to settle into the posture and notice your natural breath.

Allow inhales and exhales to occur; sinking deeper into the pose with each passing one.

The intention for this practice is embracing the light in the darkness.

The moon is symbolic for the remaining hope we have during are dark seasons.

The cooling nature of this practice will envelope your heart and mind.

Next, walk your arms over to the right side, opening the side body.

Take 2 full deep breaths.

Walk your arms over to the left side, opening the side body.

Take 2 full deep breaths.

Come to center and slowly walk the hands in as the spine rolls up.

Bring the right leg forward in a deep low lunge.

Close the eyes and take 2 full cooling breaths.

Shift the hips back and switch legs. Left leg comes forward into deep low lunge.

Close the eyes again and take 2 full cooling breaths.

Shift and push back into child’s pose again.

Thank the earth for the support beneath you.

Thank the moon for providing you hope and light in the darkness.

Click here for a calming guided meditation to complement this practice!

Looking to dive deeper into intentional workouts?

Mindfulness is profoundly diverse and it might surprise you how creative you can get with wellness!

Sealing of the Yoga Benefits of Chandra Practice

You have done amazing giving yourself this gift today!

Hope you enjoyed this yoga for beginners weight loss and feel refreshed and ready for a wonderful night’s sleep!

You can download or print out this script above and do this practice whenever you feel called to.

Our bodies our great and telling us what it needs and when. Listen to those whispers and signs.

There is healing power within those signals, and by doing this practice you may not only reap the benefits of potential weight loss, but you will feel more grounded and relaxed.

Did You Know?

If you have wondered where and HOW to start with starting to introduce a yoga practice into your lifestyle for improved health, I have done all the hard work for you!

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