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“With Rice Recipes:” Your Awesome New Meal Plan List!

with rice recipes

This will be your new “go-to” guide for awesome meals with rice recipes

Do you struggle with side dishes or knowing what goes well with what?

Do you end up making the same, bland, boring, meals because you get stressed on how to switch up your routine?

Here at The Earth’s Choice Apothecary (TECA) we have put together the Ultimate Guide for you!

With over 25 of some of the best desserts, dinner, easy slow cooker meals with rice, you can rest assured that all the hard work searching for recipe ideas has been done for you.

Does that sound GREAT??

I thought so….let’s get to cookin’ folks!

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Desserts with Rice Recipes

My mouth is already watering…and it’s only the beginning

Yummy Dinner with Rice Recipes

List of Meals for Dinner

Any recipe JUMPED out to you yet!?

Rice Cooker and Crockpot Meals

Whew!! We have so many awesome recipes! Make sure you post a comment below on what your favorite recipe is, or ones you have already made!

Easy Rice Dishes with Few Ingredients

You are not the only one who’s asked the age old question…

what to eat with rice?

We all get caught in a rut of repeating the same ol’ meals because we don’t know what else to make or “would taste good” or “it’ll take too long,” etc.

We’ve probably all used those same excuses.


Now you have a resource that has an ABUNDANCE of resources and recipes that you could create meal prep for over a month if not more!

Featured in this Guide:

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