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What is a Benefit for Coconut Oil? Ask the Herbalist

what is coconut oil good for

benefit for coconut oil

benefit for coconut oil

When we think of the gold star super foods, why have we over shadowed the amazing and diverse coconut!? Let’s explore this: what is a benefit for coconut oil on the top 5 categories in wellness!

We are going to cover all the basis today folks! From metabolism to micronutrients to hair remedies, we’ve got it all with our amazing friend: the coconut! Let’s dive in.

A Benefit for Coconut Oil: Micronutrients Galore!

On a hot sunny and humid day, you’re out at the pool, and you reach over to get an ice cold drink out of your cooler: what is in there?


Bottled water?


A non-disclosed alcoholic drink? (squints). Well, in this hypothetic scenario, I am betting that the first thing that did NOT come to your mind was to pack coconut water!

It’s wild to learn about the micronutrient profile that most coconut water’s contain. The are rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and many more! Granted, many brands you’ll find have added sugars and you may need to be mindful of that.

However, in comparison to the common other drinks people may choose, coconut water still reigns above most and is an amazing healthy alternative!

A Benefit for Coconut Oil: Metabolism

This benefit for coconut oil on metabolism and weight loss is always a big one for many of us! Whether you have been wanting to loss weight for a while now and have struggled for a long time; or whether you are just looking to tone up and lose some holiday weight, coconut oil has a profound impact on metabolism weight loss!

  1. Coconut Oil as a Blood-Sugar Stabilizer: Coconut oil, flesh, and water (be careful with most coconut waters in stores had added sugar) stabilizes blood-sugar and insulin levels, which in turn can help boost your metabolism which eventually helps to lose weight! Try out this FREE weight loss calculator and get professional support on your weight loss journey.

  2. Coconut Oil as a Hormone Balancer for Women: As women, we carry more fat in the body than men. In addition, we tend to have more hormone reactions within the body and therefore Omega 3 & 6’s are crucial to fat-related chemical reactions within the body. Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids which can play a role in balancing hormones and weight loss.

  3. It is that time of year, and there’s often a lot of pressure with summer coming up and being “beach body ready.” Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, I do not like diving into a commitment without doing thorough research and ensuring that whether its a weight-loss or nutrition goal, I feel comfortable knowing the program is catered to MY needs! Here’s where you can do that! You can get your very own FREE weight loss evaluation!

benefits for coconut oil

benefit for coconut oil

A Benefit for Coconut Oil: Physiology

The main benefits for coconut oil within the physiology category is that of anti-inflammatory responses and daily fiber intake!

  1. First, inflammation in the body is often a common root cause for many chronic illnesses and diseases. Once we can control the inflammatory response in the body, many conditions tend to resolve or at the very least minimize, which is an amazing thing to see!! Coconut oil is a SIMPLE, easy way we can take control of our lives and provide healing to our bodies!!

  2. For decades now, (even our grandmothers knew) we have heard the importance of consuming fiber in our diet. Not only does fiber help keep us full it helps our GI system work efficiently and digest all the amazing nutrients we consume.

Since coconut oil is a fat macronutrient it’s worth noting:

If you are new to a Ketogenic lifestyle, or have been interested in the past but was always overwhelmed by all the contradicting information out there, you’ve come to the right place. As with every type of nutrition lifestyle, there’s no magic pill and this is not a one-size fits all approach. Thousands have had HUGE success on ketosis, so there is definitely no harm is doing your research and seeing if your body will respond well and get results on this type of eating.

One way to do that is a no-commitment approach of course! You can get a FREE 28-day personalized Ketogenic plan simply by taking this easy keto quiz! Only THEN, if you feel excited and decide to move forward with receiving a fully customizable plan, why not do it with a 75% discount!?

It’s statistics, really it is. People who have SUPPORT in the form of friends, family, trainer, or nutritional coaches, often see much more drastic results than those who go at it alone! Don’t struggle alone. There are people who truly care to see your wellness improve and you feel better!

benefits for coconut oil

coconut oil for hair

benefits for coconut oil

Another Benefit for Coconut Oil: HSN-(hair, skin, nails)

Whether it’s due to aging, hormone imbalance, stress, or just genetics, many of us in our life time will probably experience some level of hair loss or thinning. Before jumping straight into booking a surgery for a hair transplant, let’s consider coconut oil.

Yep! That’s right folks. Coconut oil is actually very similar to our own scalp oils; sebum. If you are looking for an all-natural recipe and way to combat hair loss and thinning, try out this remedy.

An Amazing Benefit for Coconut Oil: Simplicity

This one is self-explanatory! Beginning to add coconut, in whatever form, to your daily meals and lifestyle is super easy! This makes commitment and the potential for it to become second nature and a lifelong habit, highly successful! You can easily find coconut oil or MCT oil from local groceries, health food stores, or of course Amazon! Also, if you prefer to start off with coconut water, just make sure you monitor the sugar content and choose a brand that is preferably ethically sourced!

I am so excited to see how this journey and relationship with coconut plays out for you.

Be well and enjoy this life!

Some links in this article are sponsored and will go to supporting the apothecary and conservation efforts. This is absolutely free to you and with a full heart of gratitude I say thank you.

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