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Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners: Part II

yoga for beginners weight loss
yoga for beginners tips

weight loss for beginners has many facets that impact overall wellness: read below to find out all the details!

For weight loss yoga…

You don’t need the newest lululemon pants.

You don’t need the most expensive yoga mat.

You don’t even need a LOT of time in your day.

(Read that last one AGAIN)

It really IS true that yoga is anything and everything and it can be a part of your lifestyle if you just know how to recognize those moments and opportunities that the universe provides.

If you missed trying out the first edition of yoga for beginners weight loss (or weight loss yoga), you can check out that yoga flow here!

As with any yoga practice, you can best compliment your healing practice with meditation or mindfulness rituals.

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Weight Loss Yoga: Overview

yoga for beginners weight loss

weight loss yoga

Disclaimer: Within this article that may be affiliate links and if used they MAY provide a small commission. You can feel good in knowing that your gratitude is what helps provide these free resources to the community and for our planet. They remain local and grassroots.

There are a wide range of yoga styles and genres, to suit every body and everyone’s needs in a practice.

Perhaps you know what your needs are or maybe you don’t.

Either way it is totally OK!

Come into your practice and it will soon be revealed to you.

But if you’d like a brief description of the most common yoga styles so that you can get an idea of the diversity, here they are:

Weight Loss Yoga: Yin

Take in a slow breath.

Did you inherently close your eyes?

Maybe the exhales “feel better” to you than the inhales?

Life is often about evolution, adaptation, and becoming mindful of your body.

Whatever it may be, Yin is a lot like this.

Yoga is more than just placing your physical body on your mat.

It is spiritual.

It is cosmic.

It is intimate and profound.

Yin yoga incorporates most postures done completely down on the mat, longer “melting” times (e.g., in the posture for 2-6 minutes),

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Weight Loss Yoga: Power/Bikrham

Power yoga is a popular favorite amongst those who want a more intense type yoga practice. Blending more strength-based movements, with traditional yoga asanas, (and sometimes done in heated rooms), power yoga can be a good choice for those who want to build muscle tone and have weight loss goals.

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When you address your gut health, it can make a profound impact on your weight loss journey!

Weight Loss Yoga: Hatha

Hatha yoga focuses primarily on asanas, or the physical postures, to move vital energy throughout the body. If you are someone who tends to enjoy more of the physicality of yoga instead of needing or desiring pranayama-work (breath) or meditation, Hatha may be the branch of yoga for you!

Weight Loss Yoga: Ashtanga

If you like structure and like to follow a routine that remains the same, you will love Asthanga. If you’d like to know more about Ashtanga yoga check out this website by Yoga Basics!

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Whether you are a highly regarded business CEO putting in 60-80 hours of corporate work in a week, a stay-at-home mom who’s losing good sleep because of all the demands on your life, or a magazine editor and writer always with a deadline, let me just say:

I get it.

I do.

I hear you and I SEE you.

If you are in the market and looking for amazing BUDGET-FRIENDLY yoga apparel and equipment, I have done the hard work for you and created an amazing KIT full of all the yoga essentials you’d ever want!

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