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Waking Up: 5-Min Mantra Meditation

5 min meditation

5 min meditation: waking up

I don’t know about you, but as I’ve gotten older, quality sleep seems to be less automatic and more like a chore!

(Just me? Crickets? Okay…bummer).

I doubt I’m the only one, so I am sure we have all tried many things to help us get those z’s that we all desperately need.

Maybe some tools you have tried include melatonin, black out curtains, or even white noise machines? These are all great to use, but none of them address the root cause. In the long run, you’ll still remain drained and frustrated seeking further remedies!

I encourage you to try this short, free 5 min meditation waking up script.

Having a greater quality of sleep provides many health benefits. The longer we sleep, the deeper we sleep, it all promotes an amazing harmony of wellness within our minds and our bodies.

Thus, we can then awaken in the morning, feeling more full of energy and clarity.

Waking Up: 5 Min Meditation Mantra Script

Choose a quiet space.

You want to meditate in a space that will positively enhance your meditation, not work against it.

Find a comfortable position. This can be seated or reclined. If you feel you are at risk of falling asleep, to this meditation seated.

You want to cultivate relaxation but still be awake enough to go through the meditation intentionally.

Dim or close the eyes.

Notice your breathing.

Music is always optional. This is a tricky one. Sometimes music can be an awesome catalyst for a deeper, more intrinsic meditation experience. Other times, music can be a profound distraction.

Choose your music style wisely, preferably instrumental. Lyrics only aid to the distraction and pull our intention outwardly.

Begin to channel in your intention. This could be a part of your mantra for this practice or completely separate.

Perhaps your intention is a single word or a full phrase. It can be a prayer, chant, a meaningful saying. Whatever speaks to you in this moment.

It is also okay to not have one.

Take 4 slow, full breaths.

Waking Up: 5 Min Meditation Mantra

5 min meditation

guided 5 min meditation waking up

Repeat these statements silently or verbally.

I am whole.

I am healthy.

I am safe.

I provide comfort and healing to all.

I receive healing from the earth.

I am connected.

I receive ease and rest.

My body is calm and restful.

I am full of clarity and energy.

Repeat this mantra for as many times as you feel you need. When you are ready to end the meditation, slowly blink the eyes open and come back into the space.

Do not rush it.

Allow yourself to remain still and grounded for as long as your body needs.

The world will be out there, awaiting for you to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, regardless.

So, taking a slow, intentional awakening is profoundly beneficial.

If you enjoyed this 5 min meditation waking up script for clarity and energy be sure to let me know! ! Check out other meditations here!

If you are interested in diving deeper into different forms of 5 min meditations, you can find several of my published meditations on Insight Timer; a FREE app with thousands of free meditations (just like the one on the home page you heard!) Click here for a sample to another free meditation!

Remember: to share and post your feedback and thoughts on how this free meditation guide helped you and tag us in it so we can share in your journey!

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