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Vitamin D Deficiency Causes What? Learn the shocking facts

vitamin d deficiency causes what

Vitamin D deficiency causes what? Let’s learn

Ever wanted to know more about the benefits of Vitamin D 5000 iu?

Well, today we are

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  1. Vitamin D Basics 101

  2. Vitamin D Causes What? Let’s Find Out!

  3. Vitamin D Deficiency Causes What? Summary

  4. Resources Mentioned in Article

Vitamin D Basics 101

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that we take orally, as well as, a hormone that the human body creates.

When a vitamin is fat-soluble it refers to how the vitamin prefers to be absorbed. The medium that vitamin D prefers is with a fat macronutrient. Vitamin D is crucial for not only bone growth/strength but also it influences the inflammation response within the body.

There are studies and evidence that shows Vitamin D can reduce growth of cancer cells and also may help prevent infections.

Vitamin D overall is made up of two types: d2 and d3. While both provide many of the same benefits, does the dosage matter? It definitely does! Taking 5000 iu is often the “industry standard” for many Americans.

vitamin d deficiency causes what

Vitamin D deficiency causes what?

Vitamin D Causes What? Let’s Find Out!

Most of us haven’t really thought to supplement with Vitamin D mostly due to cultural influence.

Over the years, we have often seen TV commercials or ads that are telling us to support bone health, take Vitamin D.

That is usually the majority of what we believe Vitamin D is for, therefore, we put it out of mind until we get older. Also, known as the “sunshine vitamin” we tend to think if we get enough natural light from the sun, we often feel we wouldn’t be deficient in it anyway.

Vitamin D injections can be one option that is helpful for many.

But Vitamin D, as we learned above, there are so many other benefits we can get from this Vitamin.

Many Americans don’t to get enough Vitamin D through natural sunlight because of either where they live geographically or they are not consistently outside in nature enough..

Alternatively, there ARE foods high in Vitamin D, but many americans may still need extra supplementation.

Also, many still suffer from vitamin D deficiency because we just do not consume enough foods to reach the dosage levels we need daily. That’s where supplementation comes into play.

If injectable vitamin d is not something that sounds pleasant to you, let’s look at our question for today’s article:

vitamin D deficiency causes what?

Here’s a brief list that includes some of the most common symptoms from vitamin d deficiency:

  1. Fatigue

  2. Muscle cramps

  3. Loss of bone density

  4. Muscle weakness and cramps

  5. Hair loss

  6. symptoms of depression

  7. Mood changes

Vitamin D Deficiency Causes What? Summary

vitamin D deficiency causes what

Vitamin D deficiency causes what? Now we know!

While there are several ways we can obtain Vitamin D into the body, many individuals may struggle with a vitamin d deficiency.

Make sure to speak to your doctor regularly if you begin to have symptoms.

Resources Mentioned in Article

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This article is solely used as educational material, and is not, in any way, meant to diagnose, recommend, or prescribe any form of treatment. This article alone does not create a practitioner-patient relationship. Please consult your PCP before starting any supplementation.

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