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Top 3 Meditation & Relaxation Apps for 2022

Meditation & Relaxation

Meditation & Relaxation

As we roll into almost 2023, we are utilizing our phones and technology more and more. People seek to their app stores to find self-care, and other alternative medicine de-stressor resources.

Meditation apps are no difference.

Meditation relaxation apps or spiritual relaxation apps are a great way to have (on hand) a tool that you can employ whenever you need some grounding or de-escalating from a highly a stressful experience.

It is time to check out our top 3 reviews on Meditation & Relaxation Apps that you will love.

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Meditation & Relaxation Apps- Medito

Meditation & Relaxation

Apps for Meditation

Spiritual Meditation & Relaxation Apps

The vision behind Medito is quite something. Make sure to click here to see the full review.

Meditation & Relaxation Apps- Insight Timer

meditation & relaxation

Meditation Relaxation Apps

The well known, expansive, and infamous Insight Timer.

Do you get drawn in to automatically believing that a brand is the “best” because it’s the most marketed or well known?

Well, to find out the full review. Make sure to click the link and read further.

Meditation &Relaxation Apps- HeadSpace

Headspace is an expansive platform that provides a wide variety of resources.

Click here to see the full length review on HeadSpace.

In the meantime, here is a great article to help assist with relaxation techniques.

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Honorable Mentions

Other meditation apps

If all you have is 10 minutes?

From the Neurologists! Meditation actually changes our neural pathways. Learn more…

Want meditation music with you whoever you go?

Is there a difference between meditation & relaxation? Learn more…

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