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The Science of Meditation: How Youtube Can Help You Deal with Anxiety and Stress

meditation for anxiety and stress youtube

Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Youtube: Free tools!

In today’s fast-paced world, it is no surprise that anxiety and stress are becoming increasingly common. Fortunately, there are many tools and resources available to help people manage these challenging emotions, and one such tool is Youtube.

Youtube is not only a platform for entertainment and education, but it can also serve as a valuable resources for those looking to alleviate anxiety and stress. With countless videos dedicated to mental health, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques, Youtube provides a wide range of resources that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Whether you are struggling with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression, or simply looking for new ways to manage your stress, Youtube can be an excellent resource for learning about different techniques that work for YOU.

In this post, we will be focusing on types of meditation for anxiety and stress Youtube offers. Additionally, how you can add Youtube as just another tool in your toolbox of self care resources and ways to ensure it is adding a benefit and not adding to your challenging emotions.

So sit back, relax, grab some tea, and come back and join me for discovering the meditation world of Youtube.

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Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Youtube Overview

meditation for anxiety and stress youtube

One of our very own meditation resources on Youtube!

Meditation has been scientifically proven en effective tool for managing anxiety and stress, and Youtube is an excellent resource for finding guided meditations video. By focusing on your breath and learning to be present in the moment, meditation can help calm your mind and reduce feelings of anxiety of stress. Youtube offers a wide range of guided meditations, including those designed to specifically target anxiety and stress relief.

Whether you prefer shorter meditations for a quick pause or break during your work day or longer sessions for a deeper relaxation, there are countless options at your disposal. We are going to target 2 main meditation styles that can help reduce anxiety and stress.

Meditation for Anxiety & Stress Youtube: Guided Audio

meditation for anxiety and stress youtube

Meditation for anxiety and stress Youtube

One main type of meditation for anxiety and stress on Youtube is Guided Audio. It is an easy way to follow along and be guided through your meditation by a practitioner and you can keep your eyes closed and remain grounded. It takes away the need to visually focus on something external and just bring all your awareness onto listening to the meditation guidance.

You can find some amazing examples here:

  1. Guided Meditation

  2. Guided Audio Meditation

  3. Guided Audio Meditation Home Page

Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Youtube: Visualization

meditation for anxiety and stress youtube

Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Youtube

Another amazing option for those that feel it is safer to keep the eyes softly open, or have an internal visual focus, is the option of guided visualization meditations.

It is a form of meditation that taps into one’s imagination and and visual senses to create a sense of relaxation and peace. These meditations, on Youtube, often involve a narrator guiding you through a scenario, asking you to picture yourself in a scene or an imaginary peaceful environment. Other times, the video may have a scenery for you to softly gaze and meditate on instead.

Guided meditations can be a powerful resource for managing anxiety and stress because they allow you to escape from your current state of worry and anguish, and into a peaceful safe environment for the moment.

Check out Youtube for a vast collection of visualization meditations if you feel this style is more up your alley!

Final Thoughts…

While there are MANY different styles and genres of meditation in the world, we just wanted to highlight two main meditations that you can begin to immerse yourself in. Youtube is an amazing resource, totally free, and can help you on your road to recovery; whatever that looks like for you.

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