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The Bucket List of travel Destinations: 10 Amazing Places You Need to Visit Now!

must do travel bucket list
bucket list of travel destinations

Bucket List of Travel Destinations

All 10 places listed in this “bucket list of travel destinations” will be within the Northern Hemisphere of the globe.

Some of the most breath-taking and awe-inspiring views and adventures are found within the northern hemisphere.

This is also the perfect time to book some international trips for this year because many airlines are offering amazing discounts on flights.

Check out your favorite airline and see if you can score big to save extra cash for your amazing trips!

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Bucket List of Travel Destinations

the best place to see northern lights
bucket list of travel destinations

bucket list of travel destinations on a budget!

1. Kakslauttanen, Finland

Have people told you that you often have your head in the clouds or you’re a “gaze at the stars” type of person? If so, witnessing the natural-magic of the northern lights will surely be something you absolutely will want to see. In the area of the Northern Finnish Lapland, you can take in this natural light show approximately 200 nights a year.

For centuries, this wondrous and mysterious phenonmenon has captured the amazement of thousands who have had the opportunity to view the aurora borealis in person. Some of the most common ways travelers take in this sight is via skiing, snowshoeing, or spending some time with sled-dog teams.

If you plan on making this a 1-2 week long vacation, you can find creative lodging in glass-igloos that provide a 360-view of the magical lights! There are several amazing hotel and lodging deals for this area, so you don’t want to delay! This is one trip you do NOT want to pass on!

bucket list of travel destinations

bucket list of travel destinations- have you ever considered these places before?

2. Nowe Czarnowo, Poland

If you enjoy playing “Hunt-a-Killer” and being an investigative sleuth, you will enjoy trying to find answers to these age-old unsolved mysteries in the Crooked Forest, in North-Western Poland. Planted around the early 1930’s, the 400+ pine trees found in this breathing-taking (and somewhat somber) forest, have 90 degree angles near the trunks. To this very day, how this occurred (whether environmental or man-made) remains an unsolved mystery.

How did every single tree end up growing with a sharp, 90-degree angle?

Was it a severe storm of some kind? Could it possibly be some environmental within the soil in this area?

Was it perhaps even intentional?

Maybe taking a trip through this unique forest will entice you to develop your own theories!

must do travel bucket list

bucket list of travel destinations

3. Giverny, France

The Impressionism and Modern Art Era would not of been the same without Claude Monet. Known as the founder of Impressionistic art, Monet carved a way for receiving and painting nature in its most authentic and realistic way as it exists.

Travel back in time by putting Giverny, France on your list of destinations and pause in the very spot the Claude Monet painted his prized water lily paintings.

Coined as one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, Jardin de Monet is open to the public for visits and tours. Come see this magical garden for yourself and meditate, do some yoga, or simply close your eyes and smile.

A “Must” from our Bucket List of Travel Destinations

visit places in Germany
bucket list of travel destinations

Bucket List of Travel Destinations- this one is fascinating!

4. Baden-Baden, Germany

If you are needing a disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life, Baden-Baden Germany is the spot to go! As a spa-resort town, there are many self-care activities to take advantage of and promote a relaxing vacation retreat.

Have you ever experienced a thermal bath? If not, Baden-Baden will be the gold star experience! Travel back in time with early century architecture enveloping thermal baths and allow your cares melt away. This cozy town has a lot of hidden gems and it will steal your heart!

the best beaches croatia
bucket list of travel destinations

must do travel bucket list

5. Zadar, Croatia

Whether you plan a trip to Croatia for honeymoon options or if you want to just take in the culture on a solo trip, this is one world wonder you won’t want to pass up! You may be asking yourself “why would I want to come HERE?”

Well, I’ll tell you why: Sea Organ. Yep! This amazing piece of architecture is like no other. Music is played by actual sea waves through these tubes located under marble steps. Tourist can walk across it and transport themselves into another space and time.

Bucket List of Travel Destinations Continued Below…

best times to visit greece

must do travel bucket list

6. Arkadiko Bridge, Greece

Ever wondered what the oldest, preserved bridge in Europe looks like? Book that ticket to Greece now and see for yourself! Dating back to the Bronze Age, the Arkadiko Bridge is still in use today. Once used as a highway in the Bronze Age to connect two cities, later becoming part of military roads, this arch bridge is steeped in Mycenaean history. Having the opportunity to see and touch a piece of ancient history is a once in a life time gift!

italy weather lake como

Must do travel bucket list

7. Lombardy, Italy

Trying to decide what sites to see in Italy could be totally intimidating! This one beauty is a location you can easily put to the top of the list: Lake Como. As one of the deepest lakes in all of Europe, it as gotten it’s unique inverted Y shape by melting glaciers and erosion over the centuries.

Awarded one of the most picturesque Lakes, Lake Como is definitely a site to see.

Come stay at one of the many villages and towns around the lake, take boat service to different villages and take in the city sights. If you are looking for a more commercial lodging option, you can always stay in a beautiful hotel like Marriott Bonvoy.

Capture magnificent sunsets on the beach and see why Lake Como has the reputation it does!

skye in scotland

must do travel bucket list

8. Arbroath, Scotland

Scotland is a must-have on your traveling bucket list! Home to the famous Arbroath Abbey, Arbroath, Scotland has a lot of adventure for those that like explore nature. One major site to take in would be the Arbroath-to-Auchmithie Coastal Path. Step foot (or bike) a top cliffs and red sandstone as you explore all the beauty Scotland has to offer! End your walk at one of the restaurants or villas in Auchmithie or make it a day and walk the coastal path bath. Don’t forget to capture some breath-taking photos along the way! Put this beautiful location on your travel bucket list NOW!

You don’t want to forget this memory!

romania on a map

must do travel bucket list

9. Turda, Cluj, Romania

While Romania may not be the most immediate location that comes to mind when considering a traveling bucket list but trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised by many of the wonders found here!

For the number 9 spot, we are traveling to Turda, Cluj, and will explore an underground salt cave. Officially known as the Salina Turda, the salt mine is the “world’s most spectacular natural underground formation” that was manmade. One of the most fascinating facts about this formation is that the salt coming from the Turda Salt Mine could cover the salt requirement for the whole planet for 60 years (if necessary).

bucket list of travel destinations

Bucket List Travel Destinations: How did our list measure up?

10. Borders of Sweden and Denmark

How many people can truly say they’ve traveled from one country to another on an AWESOME bridge in under 6 minutes. Introducing the Oresund Bridge.

This amazing piece of architecture is made up of 3 separate sections: a bridge, an artificial island, and a tunnel.

One unique element of the Oresund Bridge is it’s artificial island called Peberholm: this has been a sanctuary for researchers and biologists since its flora and fauna has been undisturbed by humans. Truly this is a travel site you MUST see!

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