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Solely Savasana Series: Episode II

relaxation guided meditation

Relaxation Guided Meditation: Savasana practice is very similar

Here in Episode II we discuss the concept of Clarity.

What does “Clarity” mean to you?

Does any particular sensation or image immediately come up?

Do you ponder in reflection for a moment before having a response to the word?

As we all go about and live this human experience together, we each may have varying ideas and responses to clarity.

Some may view the concept of clarity through the lens of a “clearing of the mind.” Others may take a clarity as a journey approach.

Can clarity be a destination as well?

Perhaps a multitude of things.

However you resonate with clarity, do so fully.

Choose it.

Be it.

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relaxation guided meditation

Relaxation Guided Meditation is healing and grounding for anytime and anywhere!

What are some easy and fast tips to help cultivate clarity?

  1. Aromatherapy

  2. Journaling

  3. Breath Practices (pranayama)

  4. Dedicated Yoga Practice

  5. Healthier lifestyle choices

Relaxation Guided Meditation: Solely Savasana

We hope you enjoy episode two!

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