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Simple Healthy Dinner Recipe Ideas: 20 Minutes

simple healthy dinner recipe

simple healthy dinner recipe ideas-can be more EASILY created than you may think!

Yes. You read that right folks! Part II of our “Simple Healthy Dinner Recipe Ideas Fast” series is here and ready for you to dive in!

One big different this time is that we are approaching this in a guide-type form so that you not only get some amazing recipes or dinner ideas, but you also take away some tangible tips for more easily incorporating these changes into your lifestyle!

That’s a win-win! You will rock this I just know it.

Without further ado, pull up a seat, grab your mineral water and some cheese and crackers, and let’s get cookin’!

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Simple Healthy Dinner Recipe Ideas

simple healthy dinner recipe

simple healthy dinner recipe

What this means is: I HIGHLY doubt you will want to bust out your rolling pin and baking equipment and go all little house on the prairie and make some homemade bread from scratch.

Am I right?!

Yeah…I didn’t think so.

It’s the end of a long work day, or even work week, and you want to come home and have a dinner ready (OR little prep time) that the whole family likes as well!. If using recipes that recycles leftovers isn’t an option, try some of these pro tips below!

Simple Healthy Dinner Recipe Ideas: Quick & Easy

simple healthy dinner recipe

simple healthy dinner recipe

Even though we may be through the worst part of the pandemic (fingers crossed), it is still a great idea to learn ways to stockpile foods and meal prep for whatever occasion!

By meal prepping ahead of time, this aids in making dinners quick and easy! But sometimes, life does happen, and meal prepping or cooking ahead of time isn’t always possible, so what are some other ways to make healthy dinner ideas quick and easy?

Here’s a brief list of quick and easy dinner tips:

  1. Eat Breakfast for Dinner

  2. Use recipes that you can eat for both breakfast (make extra for meal prep) and then eat it for dinner and it can save you double the cooking and you can also hit your macros all at the same time!

  3. Remember you can freeze eggs and it can extend the life of your produce!

  4. Use Frozen Skillet Meals to Your Advantage

  5. These are quick and easy tips since they are filled with all the ingredients in one bag

  6. To take more advantage of your meal nutritionally, you can add more protein to the meal: turkey meatballs, grilled chicken breast strips, top with bacon bits

  7. Always Make More

  8. Get in the mindset that “leftovers are your FRIENDS!”

Depending on your geographical area, the aftermath of the pandemic is still hindering a lot of agriculture, stocking, and product manufacturing across the nation. Just check with your local grocery chains to find out what supply-chain issues they may be currently experiencing.

Simple Healthy Dinner Recipe Ideas: Overall Healthy Nutritional Value

simple healthy dinner recipe

simple healthy dinner recipe ideas

You wouldn’t believe how EASY it is to make! But more importantly, it is filled with high quality macronutrients and nutritional minerals. You really should try it and it might just become a family-favorite in your home for years to come!

When it comes to overall nutritional value, you want to aim to make your dinners for several reasons!

  1. Cuts down on processed foods

  2. Saves $$$ over time!

  3. Feel fuller, longer!

  4. Overall improved health

There are many over good reasons to focus on the nutritional value of your dinners, but let me bust the biggest myth of this category:

YES!! You CAN eat healthy on a budget!! So, do not use finances as an excuse. (it isn’t easy, but it’s NOT impossible).

Sometimes just getting creative in the kitchen (and utilizing food hacks) can be a great way to jump start incorporating healthy dinner ideas into your lifestyle!

Simple Healthy Dinner Recipe Ideas: Filling and Fun

simple healthy dinner recipe

Simple healthy dinner recipe

Do you like to have fun? (if you look back far enough on your Facebook I’m sure you’ll be reminded!)

Well I’m here to tell you that you can and SHOULD have fun in the kitchen too! Here’s why:

Have you ever tried staying motivated and committed to something that was boring, a “chore,” or something that didn’t resonate with you?

The kitchen and making healthy dinner ideas quick is no different!

Bonus Tip: Eating Sustainably

While inflation has the cost of living spiking around the world, there are still ways that you can eat and meal prep more sustainably and stay within your grocery budget.

Buying Local– if you live near a coast line or a marine town, your seafood economy would be much more reasonable than those that have to pay for all the processing, transportation, and importing that goes into receiving seafood products from states thousands of miles away!

You not only support local economy but you are actively participating in a more sustainable consumerism by buying local seafood.

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