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Self Healing: 5-min meditation Powerful Mantra

5 min meditation

5 min meditation for self-healing can be extreme and met with fear during the present

A 5 min meditation on self healing can seem a bit daunting; particularly in the midst of a recent loss.

Losing a loved one can be, arguably, one of the most painful experiences of this life. We immediately feel a whirlwind of emotions and often nothing soothes or eases our pain.

There is nothing that can speed up our healing because our healing time is our own.

We can, however, utilize some self-care tools and resources to help assist us along our emotional journey.

A meditation on self-healing in the midst of grief can sometimes be the very thing that can provide a small amount of comfort.

Scientifically, meditation is proven to create new neural pathways in the brain, along with other physical and psychological benefits. Also, it’s a tool we use anytime, anywhere, and it is extremely low cost!

Meditation empowers us, because we are active participants in this process and not simply just popping a pill and forgetting about it. (note: there are diagnoses that definitely benefit from medication, so always consult with your doctor before deciding on a treatment plan.)

The beauty of meditation is it can be added to anyone’s life at anytime and works well in conjunction with other tools that ease sorrow.

There are various forms of meditation and the one we are about to go through is a short 5 min meditation for self healing..

Take your time…

Ease into this moment…

Begin when ready…

meditation for self healing

5 min meditation for self healing

5 Min Meditation for Self Healing and Easing Sorrow

When you are ready to begin your meditation practice, find a quiet environment and come to a comfortable posture.

Slowly close your eyes.

Notice your natural breath.

Do not change anything, just bring awareness to your body.

Notice if today you are breathing more shallow or deeper than normal.

Notice if there are particular areas of the body that are tense or painful.

Now, begin to bring in today’s intention for this meditation practice.

If comfortable, think about where you need peace the most.

It could be your heart center, maybe the third eye chakra…

If your mind is the most distressed, set this intention:

“I draw in peace to my third eye so I can have clarity of mind and freedom to just be.”

If your heart is the most distressed, set this intention:

“I draw in peace to my heart center. I cultivate cleansing light so that I can begin to heal.”

When you have chosen your mantra, internally repeat it 3 times.

Next, take 4 deep, full, and slow inhales and exhales.

Notice the cooling air around your nostrils on the inhale, and the warm air during the exhale.

Repeat this meditation as many times as you need.

When you are ready to complete your practice, slowly blink the eyes open.

Rest easy in the peace and gift you have given yourself today.

Always know you can come back to this meditation as often as you need. A meditation for self healing can be done during anytime and for any type of healing; not just for grief work.

If you are someone you know has recently suffered a loss, know that healing comes in its own time and space. Take time to feel whatever it is you may be feeling. Then, feel some more. Do not be pressured to heal quickly or return back to “feeling normal.”

Use this meditation and others located here to assist you on your way to a place of peace and comfort. You will never be alone in this, and find healing in your own way and your own time.

Click here for a free meditation sample.

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