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Recipes with Lemon Balm II

recipes with lemon balm
the earths choice apothecary

Recipes with Lemon Balm: such a versatile herb, you will love these recipes!

Do you love lemons?

Whether they are found on a grilled piece of salmon or in an ice cold glass of mineral water, lemons are SO VERSATILE!! Not only lemons, but we here at TECA took it a step further and wanted to expand on lemon balm recipes.

So, here is our 2nd edition of Recipes with Lemon Balm!!

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Lemon Balm

There are so many herbs that are diverse and provide so many medicinal benefits. You can even start to grow your own herbal garden, with very little space!

If you don’t want to immediately dive all-in with your own garden, you can support companies that are eco friendly by choosing from this list of our top 5.

Those companies can help support your herbal growing passions, OR at the very least, offer bulk herbs and herbal products that are sustainably and ethically harvested and produced.

Lemon Balm Medicinal Uses

  1. may reduce indigestion

  2. may reduce stress

  3. may relieve anxiety

  4. may improve cognitive function

Benefits of Lemon Balm

  1. can help relieve cold sores

  2. can help relieve insomnia or sleep disorder symptoms

  3. wonderful anti-inflammatory and can help relieve pain associated with headaches or menstrual cramps

Lemon Balm TEA Benefits

Recipes with lemon balm can include that of Lemon balm tea!

The tea provides a refreshing and soothing aroma and is very easy to make.

Herbal teas in general are easily accessible and many opt to drink a tea infusion over taking a tincture, for example, due to the alcohol content or to save time!

Recipes with Lemon Balm: Things to do with Lemon

By now, you can probably see there are TONS of ways to use lemon balm in your meals and personal care.

Have a look at these dinner and dessert recipes!

Want to see recipe VIDEOS instead?

What to use Lemon Balm For

Lemon balm is a wonderful herb to compliment with other herbs for additional medicine! Try a lemon balm and chickweed recipe for a comforting tonic.

The following recipes aren’t CURRENTLY made with lemon balm, but thought it would be great to include recipes in this post, that can help you to see the expansive creative ideas YOU can add lemon balm to, to create your own meal-masterpiece!!

What to use Lemon Balm for-Recipes Edition

Create a Snack with Lemon Balm!

Lemon Balm Salve Recipes

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