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Physical Benefits of Yin Yoga: 10-Part Series

savasana yoga posture

Physical Benefits of Yin Yoga

Here at The Earth’s Choice Apothecary, we have recently started a Solely Savasana series on our podcast!

It is super exciting and we hope that you will enjoy it as well!

As a complementary gift to that, we will post some of the meditation and guidance here throughout the month of September as well!

Additionally, as a reminder, your savasana yoga posture is uniquely your own and it can be done at any time, any where, and in any comfortable position!

The most important gift to receive here is to deepen your awareness to the physical benefits of the tradition of Yin Yoga.

Physical Benefits of Yin Yoga:

Episode 1- “Solely Savasana-

physical benefits of yin yoga

Physical Benefits of Yin Yoga

Listed below is not an extensive list to where all the places you can listen to this episode! It is on almost all the podcast platforms wherever you listen to your podcasts!

How exciting huh!?

Here are some main ones!

A List of Physical Benefits of Yin Yoga

As with any yoga practice, especially in a savanna yoga posture, you can come to your mat as you are.

Here are some wonderful benefits:

  1. Reduced feeling of urgency or anxiousness

  2. Reduced stress

  3. may help lower blood pressure

  4. releases tension

  5. help fluid circulate around joints

  6. eases chronic pain

  7. Helps ease mind of distractions when practiced consistently

As you need to be.

Each moment may be different.

Each practice may be different.

But this series is meant to focus “solely” (see what I did there?) on savasana and allowing your body to learn how to cultivate the deep grounding it yearns for.

Yoga Resources

Not only do we offer resources through our podcast, but here are some other resources that can assist you on your own private yoga practice.

TECA’s Top Budget Friendly Yoga Essentials Kit, JUST FOR YOU!

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