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Natural Things to do to Relieve Anxiety

things to do to relieve anxiety

natural things to do to relieve anxiety

It comes on at a second’s notice.

You feel it growing and expanding and it is often difficult to breathe.

You start to feel frustrated and confused because you don’t know why this is happening again.

What triggered it?

“Did I pass by something that reminded me of it?”

“Was it that hurtful thing that stranger yelled at me from the street?”

We are talking about ANXIETY

First, if no one has told you this: it is NOT YOUR FAULT.


We have some amazing tools and resources in this article below that are things to do to relieve anxiety naturally and some of them may not be new.

Some, however, might just shock you on how SIMPLE they are!

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Things to do to Relieve Anxiety: Fill the Nutritional Gaps

In the medical field, med students rarely are mandated to take nutrition courses. Sad, but true. Subsequently, once out in their own clinics and doctor offices, you as the patient will go into an appointment, concerned by having symptoms, and often not a single question is asked about your vitamin levels, types of foods you are eating, potential food allergies.

Additionally, even MORE rare, are those indicators linked to possible increase in depression or anxiety.

Bottom line, if you haven’t addressed or identified potential nutritional gaps in your diet: (are you getting enough Vitamin D3, are you deficient in Iron?, etc) then THAT is the place to begin and COULD be the culprit for your fatigue, loss of concentration, low energy levels, etc.

This super food, vegan, vitamin is the FIRST on the market made from plant-based WHOLE food source and has all the daily vitamin levels you need ( and SO much more)

Click here to get your exclusive discount for being a part of the TECA community and try out these amazing multivitamins.

Things to do to Relieve Anxiety: Sip (CONSISTENTLY) your H2O

things to do to relieve anxiety

Things to do to Relieve Anxiety Naturally- if there was ANY magic “pill” H2O would win

Doesn’t it seem that everyone talks about drinking water and how it seems to improve almost EVERYTHING?

Well maybe this statistic will surprise you even more:

A research study out of University of Connecticut showed that individuals who suffered mild dehydration after being in a treadmill also reported higher levels of anxiety.

So remember to DRINK UP! Keep that water close by and stay hydrated even when you don’t have thirst queues.

Things to do to Relieve Anxiety: Be Present with your Higher Power

things to do to relieve anxiety

Things to do to relieve anxiety

Being able to connect to a presence outside of yourself provides a sense of belonging and humility. To understand that life is fragile and precious can put things into perspective.

Doing this simple mental-reframing, can also help to put some things into perspective when you are able to recognize there is something much larger than yourself sustaining your life.

Things to do to Relieve Anxiety: Proactively Encounter Creation


It is easily the type of world we live in nowadays isn’t it?

So easily addicted to technology and the way we encounter other creation is through screens and headsets. Rarely, physically stepping outside of our house, going out into nature, or exploring a wildlife preserve and seeing with our own eyes the beauty and healing that is available to us.

Resources Mentioned in Article

Weight loss tips. Learn more…

Body Kindness Book. Learn more…

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