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Muscle Endurance Exercises: Featuring Lifetime Fitness

muscle endurance exercises 
lifetime fitness 
gyms near me

What are muscle endurance exercises and why should you do them?

We have all seen them, right?

The toned, muscle-bound folks in the gym either at the squat rack, or machines and wondering: “what’s their secret?”

It is hard not to compare ourselves to others, even though, body image and self-worth is a whole other article.

Just remember: you are beautiful inside and out.

If you have been considering jumping into the resistance or muscle endurance world of fitness, this article will be an AMAZING resource for you to save and refer back to!

Additionally, it’s packed with amazing resources, guides, and products to get you started or take you to the next level of fitness, if you desire!


We are featuring Lifetime Fitness as well!!

So, if you are looking to tone your midsection, prepping for a race or event, or just wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle, resistance and muscle endurance exercises will support you through it all!

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Lifetime Fitness Announcements!!

You can easily search Lifetime Fitness Gyms Near Me to find the closest location!

Lifetime Fitness locations are nationwide with more always on the rise!

Here are a just a few of the newest additions to the United States’ locations:

Lake Zurich, IL~ coming September!

Buckhead at Phipps~ arriving November!

Annapolis~ late 2022!

Beaverton, OR~ arriving 2023!

There are many more coming to an area near you soon!!

Let’s dive into the what and why of muscle endurance exercises!

Muscle Endurance Exercises-Overview

muscle endurance exercises
lifetime fitness 
gyms near me

Can anyone do muscle endurance exercises?

Muscle endurance exercises can be done by anyone! They are relatively safe as long as you listen to your body.

Muscle endurance exercises are defined as repetitive motion over a longer duration. Also, time under tension helps to build the muscle and strengthen it.

Muscle Endurance Exercise can be any of the follow (and so much more!!)

Resistance exercises can include: using exercises machines, free weights, loop bands, barbells, chains, etc. Endurance exercises can be combined with the above, or done completely alone.

Cycling, jogging/running, rowing, swimming, HIIT workouts, are all amazing endurance exercises to help build and shape those muscles!!

Nutrition Recovery Tips

muscle endurance exercises
recovery and relaxation
yoga exercises

Is it enough to do muscle endurance exercises alone?


It is important to have proper nutrition to support your training and fitness regiment. If you are focusing on endurance performance, proper protein and carbohydrate intake is crucial.

Recovery is just as important as the training you put your body through! Your muscles need time to replenish and repair the muscle fibers being torn throughout the week. Stretching, yoga, light activity during “off” days is a great way to recover.

Nutrition and Meal Prepping Resources

We have some amazing meal prepping resources right here on TECA’s website!

Meals and Recipes

Here are some amazing recipes that you can tailor and customize to fit into your macros:

Deviled Eggs-Protein Support!

Special thank you to Lifetime Fitness for all their community resources!

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