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Mineralize Water: The Profound Spiritual Experience in a Natural Earth Mineral Hot Spring

mineralize water

mineralize water

Have you ever been in a hot spring?

When I was around 8 or 9 years old, I got serious about swimming. I always wanted to swim competitively, however, there wasn’t anything in my school system or city that had a real competitive team until you got up to high school.

Also, I was involved in competitive dancing and gymnastics since the age of 2; so my life was pretty full as a kid. I wanted to do it all! Stay active, play sports, dancing, even dabbled in piano for a few years.

I am not sure I understood the gifts and opportunities my parents provided for me until my teenage years; even though I never once took it for granted. In the midst of all this whirlwind hustle and bustle, 6-7 hour nights at the dance studio 6 days a week, I lost sight of the swimming. Until….college.

Presented with an opportunity my sophomore year to take a diving class for 1 whole semester, my flame was re-ignited. I trained and I got back into swimming and from there you’d think the rest is history right? Oh honey….if only you knew…it would go so much deeper than I ever would image. When one thinks about the element of water symbol, what comes to mind? Perhaps a spiritual sensation? Maybe elation or joy emotion? It could simply be nostalgic? Whatever the case, I knew it was imprinted on my soul.

That was me learning the spiritual power water had on me. It wasn’t until later in life…I met my new little healers: minerals.

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Mineralize Water: What Should We Feel?

mineralize water

mineralize water

When we reflect on the single most important tether we as humans have to water, what comes to mind? Is it aesthetics? Is it because water supports over 90% of our ecosystem to sustain us? Not quite. It’s much more closer to home.

You need not look any further than in the mirror. It is us.

While in grade school we learned that our bodies are composed of nearly 60-70% water. While at the surface, we can understand that this element is crucial to our survival. From the smallest, microscopic living organism in our bodies, the human cell, to the largest chemical or metabolic process, everything needs water to survive.

We cannot look at ourselves separate from the very things going on inside of us that sustain our life. That, in and of itself, should give pause, and place us in a state of awe and gratitude!

But I want to dive a bit deeper into what this means for us as living, spiritual, energetic, beings. This also includes the experience many humans have when they emerge themselves in mineralize water.

mineralize water

mineralize water

Water: Healing Powers

As a healing modality, water is nothing new. Dating back as far as the Early Christians, we have evidence and ancient texts confirming water beings used in rituals, baptisms, Holy Water in the Catholic religions, etc. If we think about the physiological factor that we as living, breathing, energetic beings are created harboring almost completely water, is it too far fetched to believe there is a spiritual component to our connection with water?

Let’s look at a brief list of various things that have influences with mineralize water or a synergistic relationship to the element of water:

  1. Lunar Phases affect ocean tides

  2. Water used in sacred rituals in various world religions

  3. Sacredness symbols in Native American culture and rituals

  4. A component of water used in medical interventions and pharmaceuticals.

  5. Water is the only chemical that expands when it goes from a solid to a liquid.

Spiritual and Divine Implications

I was always curious about what drew me to water, and specifically my passion for swimming. When I evaluated every layer (i.e., the adrenaline, cardio benefits, personal strengths, competition, etc.), it all fell short. None of those things, while very fascinating to me, wasn’t the true essence of why I enjoyed the element of water and the symbolism in my life.

It wasn’t until I reflected on my spiritual values, that I found the truth behind what the element of water (and finally experienced a natural, deep earth mineral hot spring back in 2018) means for me and humankind. Nature, itself, can be very healing to humans and that is why there are continued medical advancements being made today!

The idea that lunar phases can interact with our fluidity, emotions, and bodily cycles, is proof enough for me to believe that symbols of the element of mineralize water are all around us and within us!

Let me ask you a question.

Why don’t we shower with something other than water?

I know, it sounds silly, but truly it’s a relevant question. To cleanse our external bodies, do we not have a wide variety of other options?

Oil, ketchup, mud, that last can of MT Dew? I mean the list goes on.

But, the fact that we shower and clean our bodies with water, is one simple example of of how we use the element of water and even mineralize water every day life.

There is another perspective of the element of water, but I will be saving that for a full separate article post! So, stay tuned to learn about the Ayurvedic belief and idea of personality constitutions. You won’t want to miss learning something deeper about yourself!

Another powerful display of divinity within the element of water is shown within the indigenous populations and the native cultures.

Make sure you check out this meditation here and stay tuned for future articles featuring other elements!

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