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Lower Blood Pressure with Food~ Ask the Herbalist

lower blood pressure with food

Lower Blood Pressure with Food

Most of the time, a person having low blood pressure is not a major concern. It is often not life threatening.

The more common anomaly is the 110 million adults who suffer from HIGH blood pressure.

However, if you (or you know someone who does) struggle with chronic low blood pressure, you know that is can come with some symptoms that are difficult to deal with on a daily basis for long periods of times.

So we here at TECA asked,

Are there actions we can take that could help alleviate low blood pressure symptoms?”

We found some amazing NUTRITIONAL action steps you can start taking TODAY to help your low blood pressure. So, we called this post: Lower Blood Pressure with Food!

pssst! an extra bonus is that these tips and recipes can help you cook on a budget too!!

Lower Blood Pressure with Food: Grocery List

for low blood pressure foods
the earth's choice 

lower blood pressure with food

Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure can vary from person to person; but here is a list of the most common symptoms:

  1. Blurred Vision

  2. Fainting

  3. Nausea

  4. Dizziness or lightheadedness

  5. Unusual thirst

  6. Dehydration

  7. Lack or inability to concentrate

There are several thoughts on what can cause low blood pressure and it again varies from person to person, but there are many ways WE can take control and focus on prevention!

Some elements could include:

Let’s make it even MORE SIMPLER and provide you a grocery list with items you should keep on hand!

lower Blood Pressure with Food: Grocery List

  1. Baby Spinach or Butter Lettuce

  2. Eggs

  3. Milk

  4. Leafy Greens

  5. Lentils

  6. Citrus Fruits

  7. Liver

The foods listed below can be difficult to have on hand if you are a frequent traveler and the airports are full of unhealthy, tempting (and overpriced!) foods. So, sometimes the BEST thing we can do is just make healthier substitutions and choices!

Lower Blood Pressure with Food: Recipes

lower blood pressure with food

lower blood pressure with food- yes you can do this!

The recipes listed below are very easy to modify and customize to make more effective variations to help assist with low blood pressure.

Get creative and be an advocate for your own health!

Having a chronic condition does not mean your nutritional lifestyle has to be extremely restricted or limited.


If you LOVE the “Ask the Herbalist” Series, make sure to comment below and let me know what topic you’d like me to tackle next!

If you came here seeking help with a list of foods to lower your blood pressure (because you or someone you know has high blood pressure, here is a great list of foods to help get you started!)

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