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Low Impact Workouts for Beginners: At Home Edition!

low impact workouts for beginners

Low Impact Workouts for Beginners: At Home HIIT Edition

Let’s be real: the last couple years have shown us that life can be extremely unpredictable and when it comes to our health, it is our top priority now more than ever. We may not always be able to get out of the house and either go out on a nice hike, bike ride, or even the gym. So, how do we start to incorporate at-home workouts into our lifestyle, if that’s not something we’ve ever done before?

Girl, I’ve got you covered!

Whether you choose to do this workout inside the home (your basement, dedicated workout space, garage, etc) OR you take to the backyard, a trail close by, or commandeer your neighbor’s house for 30 minutes (you guy’s are friends right?), this workout will be a HIT (see what I did there?) either way.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!

Low Impact Workouts for Beginners: At Home HIIT Edition

low impact workouts for beginners

Low impact workouts for beginners: are you ready!?

Before ANY type of physical activity, workout, or movement, you want to properly warm up the body. I know, i know. Many of us probably completely skip this part and brush it off as unnecessary for us. Then 6-10 weeks later you are undergoing physical therapy for a torn ligament, or god forbid even worse, rotator cuff surgery.

Please DO NOT skip over warming up your body! No workout is “too small” to miss out on taking 90 seconds-4 minutes to warm up.

Benefits of warming up the body help to:

  1. reduce injury

  2. promote expedited muscle recovery

  3. reduce inflammation

  4. lubricate the joints

  5. lengthen and activate muscle groups

If you like to crush resistance training or low impact cardio options, and are working on weight loss and building body composition, you can check out this low impact workouts guide!

Some of them might ACTUALLY surprise you…I’m serious.

Low Impact workouts for Beginners

low impact workouts for beginners

Low impact HIIT workouts-beginners to advanced athletes can benefit!

Low Impact HIIT Workouts: Myth Busting

Before we go into any workout, it is beneficial to be mindful of what negative thoughts or judgements we have going into our workout. HIIT-type of workouts are no different.

There are quite a few of myths out there and perhaps even you may have said or believe some of these.

Don’t worry if you are guilty of some of these, I won’t tell.

I am too old to do HIIT Studies out of Norway show evidence that hiit workouts prolong life in middle to older age population
I have too many injuries or chronic pain to do HIIT Studies now show hiit workouts provide several benefits for chronic pain and injury recovery
All HIIT workouts include jumping and I can’t do that Boom! Tons of content online proving that hiit workouts can be effective and done with no jumping.
HIIT workouts are only for Crossfit athletes or those that are ALREADY in shape More studies show that hiit is for all populations and it promotes healthy weight loss and body composition

WHEW!! Now that we busted all those silly “negative Nancies” (sorry Nancy…) are we ready to bust a sweat and get our heart rate up!!??

*imagining applause and shouts* Okay! Me too!!

hiit workout at home
hiit workout at home for women
at home workouts

low impact hiit workouts

Low Impact Workouts for Beginners: At Home Walkthrough




Exercise Block 1- Burpees & Bicycle Crunches

  1. 4 minute round

  2. 30 seconds for each exercise

  3. 10 second rest transition in between each exercise

  4. alternate burpees and crunches

Exercise Block 2- Jump Lunges & Static Low Plank Hold

  1. 4 minute round

  2. 30 seconds for each exercise

  3. 10 second rest transition between each exercise

  4. **modify lunges if you do not want the jump**

Exercise Block 3- Penguin Sways-Crunches & Inch Worms

  1. 4 minute round

  2. 30 seconds for each exercise

  3. 10 second rest between each exercise


One awesome way to structure your cool down, if doing a cool down is new to you, is to use a yoga template! You also want to ensure you focus your cool down movements around the major muscle groups that were targeted in your workout. Ease through the cool down, no bouncing, and hold your stretches for as long as you feel your body needs.

(your body will thank you later I promise)

You may have just completed your first ever HIIT workout at home, and so in honor of that let’s do a quick happy dance!!

YAY GIRL!! You are AMAZING I hope you know that!!

If this wasn’t your first low impact HIIT workout (at home or not), you just achieved an awesome victory and you need to get in the habit of thanking your body and giving yourself that positive gratitude! Because this is a BIG DEAL!!

HIIT workout at home

low impact hiit workouts

Low Impact HIIT Workouts: At Home- Tips for Having Fun


  2. REDUCE DISTRACTIONS for your HIIT workout at home


  4. Purchase new fitness apparel

As with any fitness regiment or physical activity, please always consult your physician before doing anything new. All recommendations or resources listed above is general information and is not intended to diagnose or promote any specific training. Please do your own research to see out what would work best for you and your body!

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