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Is “Which Exercise to Lose Belly Fat” a Relevant Question?~ Ask the Herbalist

which exercise to lose belly fat
the earths choice apothecary
how to lose belly fat

which exercise to lose belly fat: you’ll learn some amazing tips and myth breakers!

Every body is UNIQUE.

Every person’s medical needs are diverse.

Every individual’s lifestyle DESIRES vary.

Every person’s spiritual, mental, and physical wellness is customized and tailored to THEM and THEM alone.

In American culture, there has been a long-history of self-image idolizing and one’s body meeting some asthetic standard. Sadly, this often leads to mental anguish, unattainable goals, and misperceptions about health.

So, let’s do some myth busting and start empowering ourselves around true wellness shall we?


There is A LOT that goes into weight loss and many factors to consider:

  1. Age

  2. Male/Female

  3. Chronic Health Conditions

  4. Type of Exercise

  5. Past Medical History

  6. Genetics

In addition to strictly fitness or exercise regiment, there may be a need for supplementation to help assist with your weight loss journey.

The Earth’s Choice Apothecary did all the hard work for you, and here is our AMAZING organic hormone balancing kit that is full of the best hormone-supporting herbal ingredients to help support your weight-loss journey.

There are some affiliate and partner links within this article that, if you choose to click and make a purchase out of gratitude, I may receive a small commission. 100% of commissions are used to support this site and hosting fees. Additionally, commissions may be donated to support our oceans and our planet, because without them, everything would cease to exist.

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Which Exercise to Lose Belly Fat: First-What IS Healthy Weight Loss?

healthy weight loss
which exercise to lose belly fat

When asking “Which exercise to lose belly fat,” we must break the myths that excessive cardio is the ONLY or best way!

Traditionally, to have sustainable and long-term weight loss, most adults are recommended to lose no more than 1-2 pounds per week.

1-2 pound weight loss promotes sustainability and efficient metabolic processes. This is what we want to ensure the weight loss is long-term and healthy!

Initially, some individuals may see initial greater weight loss in the beginning of their journey due to water weight and excess weight to lose.

There are many ways we can help support our body during a weight loss journey:

Learning to incorporate herbal teas into your daily life is one easy and convenient way to jump start a healthy metabolism and hormone balancing!

See the more expansive list below for other methods and weight loss support tips!

Can you Spot-Target Fat Loss?

Whether your passion is to run ultra marathons, or to lift heavy barbells, you’ve gotta know this one thing: there is not solely one single thing that targets fat loss.

There exist a lot of misinformation out on the internet and from semi-professionals that claim to be able to spot-target certain areas of the body for fat loss.

This is NOT how weight loss works. Fat loss occurs over all of the body. While some areas adipose tissue may be more prevalent (e.g., midsection, face, hips, etc), no one can make promises to target ONLY a certain area.

The same goes for exercise claims.

This may sound basic but it’s true:


Some exercise regiments can actually hinder your weight loss journey and PROMOTE belly fat (often due to hormone imbalance, etc).

Sadly, there are still people who believe that excessive cardio is the only or best way to lose weight- and that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Resistance training and low-impact exercise can be some of the top weight loss game-changers you can ever incorporate into your life!

Another myth is that: we need to do abdominal or core exercises all the time to see belly fat loss.

Not true!

While, training abs is of course a great benefit to your overall strength and weight loss journey, it definitely is hyped up and not the main influencer for losing weight around the mid-section.

NUTRITION & GUT HEALTH actually is!!

If your nutrition and gut health is not on point, you can do a million crunches and all the planks in the world, it will be in vain.

Sorry for the bad news…

But there IS HOPE!

It’s easy to make small shifts and changes in your lifestyle that WILL help you to see the results you want.

So, like in the beginning we were asking “which exercise to lose belly fat?”

How about we start now with our first mindset shift and ask……………..

Question: “What Can I do Today to Support my Body for Sustainable Weight Loss?”

which exercise to lose belly fat

We have now found out “which exercise to lose belly fat” is not the most relevant question for our personal wellness

My friends,

We have come to the end of today’s post, but this is just the beginning for YOU and I could not be any happier for you!

I’ve compiled an amazing and EASY list for you to check out these resources to start your journey on better health.

There is so much out there that is detrimental and scary and can intimidate us on this very personal journey…so please know I only support and choose resources that are from high quality amazing people and companies.

May you find the best wellness for YOU!!!

What Can I do Today to Support my Body for Sustainable Weight Loss?

  1. Using herbs to help support your weight loss journey

  2. Maintain a healthy immune system

  3. Research and receive fitness and health info from reputable sources

  4. Create a healthy morning and evening ritual

  5. Change up your nutrition or meal plans (eg.- switching to pescatarian, vegan, etc, if it will SUPPORT your weight loss journey)

As with any fitness or health lifestyle change, please consult your direct PCP before making any changes. Nothing in this article is clinician-patient binding, and is used solely as resources for readers to do their own research and determine if it is best for their own body or lifestyle.

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