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Is Herbal Tea Good for You? Ask the Herbalist

herbal tea good for you

Is herbal tea good for you? These may surprise you…

I won’t lie.

I’m a sucker for a really good tea.

Blended just right with not too much sweetness but nice and soothing.

But maybe you have never really been a tea-drinker. That’s okay!

What most people may not know, is that many herbal teas actually have medicinal qualities.

Meaning, they can be used as healing medicine for SO MANY ailments!

So before you ward off herbal tea for good, consider these amazing benefits!

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Is Herbal Tea Good for You?: Overview

herbal tea good for you

Is herbal tea good for you?

The number one thing to remember is that: with anything in life, moderation is safest practice.

Just because something is labeled as “healthy,” or “derived from herbs,” does not mean that it is an open invitation to eat or drink all you want non-stop for weeks on end.

Same goes for herbal tea.

While there are thousands of medicinal benefits from these ancient healers, we also must be aware of the ancient killers– many herbs and herbal families are toxic to humans.

Let’s review some of the medicine found in herbal teas!

“Is Herbal Tea Good for You?” Medicinal Benefits

herbal tea benefits 

herbal tea good for you

Is herbal tea good for you?

Listed below are some of the most common benefits from herbal teas:

  1. Blood-Cleansers

  2. Reduced anxiety

  3. Improves Sleep

  4. Reduce inflammation

  5. Aids in relaxation

  6. Improve concentration

  7. Tonics

  8. Anti-Viral

  9. Immunity-building

  10. Improve mood and cognition

  11. Antioxidant

This is NOT an all-inclusive list, there are SO MANY benefits found in herbal teas. However, you also have to know a key factor in determining if a particular herbal tea is good for YOU:


Herbalist’s important tip: The type of herbal tea will determine which medicinal benefits you may receive. Keep in mind some herbal teas have naturally occurring caffeine so choose wisely.

Know YOUR Body’s Needs

So, you might be thinking:

“Is herbal tea THAT serious? It’s found everywhere and open for consumers to purchase without needing a prescription, why are we acting like it’s so serious?”

Well, because it CAN be.

Did you know there are many herbal teas that, if you are actively pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, they are not safe?

If you are on blood thinners, it is not safe to ALSO drink an herbal tea that does similar reactions.

There are SO many case-by-case scenarios that it is often just best to consult your trusted clinical herbalist to ensure you are consuming safe herbal teas for YOU.

What may benefit one person, may not another.

Concluding Thoughts…

Is herbal tea good for you?

In general PERHAPS!

The emphasis needs to be on YOU. So always check in with your body, your health needs, and consult your herbalist with any additional questions!

Final Herbalist Tip:

Consider starting your own small herbal garden, (trust me it doesn’t take a lot of space at all!) and save money, time, and reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals sprayed on most herbs found in grocery stores.

This way, you could cultivate specific herbs for the types of teas that you prefer to drink!

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Any recommendations or benefits listed here in this article are general and do not make any claims to any individual results. Please consult with your doctor before starting any herbal remedy for health or medicinal purposes.

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