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How to Reduce Stressors: Save Money at the Grocery Store!

how to save money on groceries

How to reduce stressors and save money on groceries at the same time!


Our wallets and purses are taking a hit right now in 2022.

Having to recover from a global pandemic, surely, was not something that was on anyones radar.

Not only has our daily habits changed and evolved when it came to interacting in public, attending play dates, or that high school PTA meeting, but the one thing we ALL have to do on a consistent basis is to grocery shop.

So, it is no surprise that so many of us are feeling the sting of the rising costs in the grocery stores and major manufacturers and are asking ourselves:

“What can I do to budget more effectively with these changes?”

“How do I still maintain a good monthly budget while still being able to feed my family?”

You have come to the right place!

Let’s dive in and learn how to reduce those stressors now!

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Why does Reducing Stressors Matter?

We all know that the holiday seasons can create unique and additional stressors for us, but grocery shopping is something that is unavoidable and comes around more than just once or twice a year.

We often have enough in our lives than to add the additional stressors of our grocery budget being well beyond our control and our means.

So what is the next step?

What can YOU do to reduce these stressors?

How to Reduce Stressors?

Being proactive and getting ahead of changes is always helpful in maintaining a balanced approach to stressful situation.

While many things can be out of our direct control, when have many tools and resources at our disposal to reduce stressors and anxiety.

Here are some examples of resources and daily/weekly rituals you can start implementing in your life NOW to help with reducing stressors:

(not necessarily budget specific)

  1. journaling

  2. banking apps

  3. meditation

  4. deep breathing practices

  5. nature hike/walks

  6. budget travel

  7. Choose sustainable living

  8. make lists

  9. listen to music

  10. CALL a friend

  11. Donate clothes or household items to local shelter/pantry

Budget Tips for Saving Money on Groceries

how to reduce stressors
tips for saving money on groceries
grocery budget

How to reduce stressors: Grocery Budgeting Edition 2022

Some changes may be more obvious to you, depending on your or your families needs (not wants):

Perhaps you “have always” done back-to-school shopping at Kohls and it became a habit, but there are other more cost-effective options for you now.

Or, your daily commute to work, you had treated yourself to that extra whip-double shot-frap-capp-mocha-hotta-lotta-latte (I don’t know if that’s a real thing but I wouldn’t be surprised…) and instead you now start making yours at home instead to save probably well over $50 A WEEK.

These budgeting reflections aren’t going to feel great, especially if they have become long-term habits/traditions. But, they WILL provide you financial freedom and reduce stressors, if you…stick to them.

Why do we want to learn how to reduce stressors? WE FEEL MORE IN CONTROL and EMPOWERED WHEN NOT STRESSED

Here is your MASTER list on tools and resources to help with updating your new grocery budget for the current inflation:

  1. Come back to the Basics! Envelope Grocery Budget Method

  2. Put an effort into COUPONING

  3. Pay Off Debt

  4. Garage/Yard Sale or Online sell clothes for cash (and put towards grocery budget) *great decluttering tip as well!

  5. Use Digital Coupons in Grocery Store Apps

  6. Use Cash Back Apps or Bank Card Rewards

  7. 7 ways to use Social Media to save money

  8. Choose store brand versus name brand

  9. Support local farmers markets

  10. Freeze fruit and produce to extend shelf life

  11. Reduce single-use purchases (e.g., holiday or special occasion decor)

  12. Meal Planning and Holiday Budgeting

How to Reduce Stressors:

Final Thoughts…

how to reduce stressors: RECAP

Learning how to reduce stressors when it comes to your grocery budget is EASY.

IMPLEMENTING and committing to them is often the difficult part!

But it is not impossible and YES these are simple steps to start taking so you can feel more in control of your grocery bill each time you come to that check out counter (or pull up for grocery pickup!)

As stated earlier, many of these tips and tricks in this post can be used in other areas of your life as well, so if you need to tackle rebuilding your savings account, or you are saving up for that family trip next year, start utilizing some of these recommendations today and watch your bank account grow!

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