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How to Make Visualization Board

how to make visualization board

How to make visualization board(s)

A visualization board or (vision board), is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals. It is one effective way to see your dreams and goals in physical form; which can, in turn, help you stay motivated and determined to reach your highest potential.

Plus, an added bonus: it is a fun project to make!

In this quick post, we will provide an overview and a few main ways you can make your OWN vision board.

So, let’s dive into this quick how to guide!

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How to Make Visualization Board(s): Overview

how to make visualization board

how to make visualization board(s)

Creating a visualization board is a great way to funnel in and focus your thoughts, dreams, and goals. It can truly be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be!

Some of the most common materials that people like to use are:

  1. corkboard

  2. push-pins

  3. magazine photos

  4. newspaper articles/clippings

  5. white board

  6. dry erase markers

  7. digital boards

But the most IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind is:

YOU ARE MAKING THIS FOR YOU! YOU ARE UNIQUELY YOU and so should be your materials.

How to Make Visualization Board(s): Tips to Start Now!

how to make a visualization board

how to make visualization board(s) guide for you to feel empowered

Ask yourself:

“Where do I draw inspiration from?”

“Where does my soul feel the most freedom?”

“What is the language I use most when I speak to Creation?”

“How do I interact with this world and is it my truest form?”

Step 1: Gather Materials

Step 2: Commit to Daily SMALL Changes/Habits

  1. Daily commitments to Vision Board ideas will then become an integral part of your lifestyle!

Step 3: Create Your Visualization Board as Aesthetically Pleasing as Possible!

  1. You will be focusing and looking at this DAILY! So make it representative of how powerful and beautiful your dreams and goals are!

Resources Mentioned Above

Herbal Resources to include in Vision Boards: Learn more!

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