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How to Make Shake with Ice Cream Guide

how to make shake with ice cream

How to make shake with ice cream: versatile recipe!

This smoothie/shake with ice cream guide is such an easy and healthy resource that you can turn to any time of year!

I can still remember the hot, humid, summer days in the northern midwest. My parents would always have ice cold lemonade or smoothies and I tell you, I got addicted!

But what I really found appealing was the old fashioned “malts” and it was something special that I would share with my dad and connect over.

However, those smoothies and shakes weren’t always the most healthy, and full of sugars.

Nonetheless, I continued to drink them throughout college, and it became an easy convenience. Also, I truly felt I was “doing a healthy thing” by drinking smoothies instead of pop or plain fruit juice.

Now, I create my own smoothies and it is so much fun adding in nutrient dense foods and creating an array of different types of smoothies!

So, the wait is over my friends.

We started this herbal

Here are 2 recipes: one for the smoothie lover who would like a healthy delicious 4-ingredient herbal smoothie recipe (and recipes to come!) that you will absolutely love!

The other recipe is for the shake lover who wants to dive into the “how to make shake with ice cream guide!”

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How to make shake with ice cream guide below

how to make shake with ice cream

how to make shake with ice cream

Smoothie with Ice Cream Recipe

Lavender-Honey Smoothie

Our featured healthy herbal smoothie within cream recipe is the Lavender-Honey Smoothie! Full of powerful antioxidants, this smoothie is great for anytime you want a cooling effect in the body.

This is a wonderful recipe to use when you are strapped for time and just need a quick, healthy treat, or good post-workout smoothie!

Smoothie How to Make” –Ingredients List

8-10oz of unsweetened, non-dairy milk (almond, oat, or coconut have the best protein macros)

1 tbsp organic honey

1/2 cup mixed berries– (blackberries and raspberries work best and give a great flavor profile!)

1/4 cup of coconut ice cream

*optional ingredients/alternatives- 1/2 cup of spinach to turn this into a greens smoothie!)

*if you don’t want to or can’t use honey, you can substitute 1tsp of stevia to sweeten

*this recipe is also good with just filtered water! Explore and experiment.

How to Make Shake with Ice Cream

how to make shake with ice cream

How to make shake with ice cream guide

Here is the non-dairy version! (you can of course choose a dairy ice cream if you prefer!)

Strawberry Shortcake Shake

1/2 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

1 cup non-dairy Vanilla Bean or Classic Vanilla Ice Cream (almond or coconut ice cream is an amazing option!)

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

Cubed Angel Food Cake (to your desire)

6-8 oz unsweetened almond or coconut milk.

Ice to desire.

Mix in blender to desired consistency!

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