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Health Benefit of Chickweed Tea: Awesome Ways to Boost Your Wellness

health benefit of chickweed

Have you ever picked up a new herb or plant while grocery shopping or at a farmers market and ask yourself “I’d love to get this and try something new! But I don’t know how to use it or what benefits this herb provides…”

I have too! This is why we will go through a top health benefit of Chickweed tea and maybe this will help you make an informed decision in the future!

Without further ado, let’s get to the first benefit of this special herb!

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Health Benefit of Chickweed Tea: Metabolism

benefits of chickweed tea
healthy metabolism
women's nutrition

health benefit of chickweed tea

Chickweed may aid in digestion and cellular metabolism. In turn, it can help support overall health and that helps your metabolism function at its optimal level.

One of the easiest way to consume chickweed is as an infusion, or a concentrated herbal tea. It has a very mild and nice flavor, and drinking a chickweed tea is one way to receive it’s metabolic medicine.

Much in the same way we drink green tea or peppermint tea, chickweed tea has a mild flavor and can be consume anytime of day or night!

Health Benefit of Chickweed Tea: Blood Cleanser

health benefits of chickweed
herbal tea

health benefits of chickweed tea

While there still remains little medical evidence on most herbs including chickweed, there does seem to be a lot of growing claims with the benefits of chickweed as a blood cleanser.

One benefit chickweed provides when cleansing the blood, is riding the toxins from the body.

This can improve our circulatory system!

Another benefit is removing plaque from the arteries and this can help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure. This eventually helps reduce body fat by breaking down excess fat molecules and adipose tissue.

benefits of chickweed tea
herbal lotion
rose bud lotion

Health benefits of Chickweed

Health Benefits of Chickweed Tea: Topically

In addition to consuming Chickweed, using this medicinal herb topically can provide amazing benefits to ones skin and wounds as well.

If you suffer from sunburns, Chickweed herb offers a great cooling and soothing effect.

Many skin conditions such as:

…can receive benefits from Chickweed tea (and chickweed as a dried herb) by using it topically as a lotion, body oil, salve, or body cream!

The possibilities are endless!

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