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Guided Meditation for Third Eye

meditation for third eye

Guided Meditation for Third Eye

Meditation is a powerful thing.

Whether you are starting your meditation journey for help with better sleep or to reduce anxiety, there are a multitude of benefits meditation can provide.

If we allow it.

Sometimes that is the hardest part about this beautiful resource isn’t it?

We need to be open and welcome it in, otherwise we are resisting the healing it is just waiting to offer us.

The same goes with our chakras.

meditation for third eye

Guided meditation for third eye intuition

Today’s meditation will focus on our third eye chakra.

Our third eye in yoga tradition is our point of intuition, imagination, perception, and consciousness to both our internal world and the world outside of us.

Meditation that focuses on our third eye will help expand or create clarity and grounding.

If you are ready to begin…

meditation third eye

Meditation for third eye

Meditation for Third Eye

Begin to find a comfortable seated or reclined position for practice when you are ready.

Softly close the eyes.

Soften through your face, jaw, head, neck and shoulders.

Notice your natural breath rhythm for today.

There is no rush, but when you are ready we will begin the mantra portion of the meditation for third eye intuition.

Repeat this passage internally 5 times:

I am consciousness.

I am life and a living soul.

My perception of the world outside of me is of service to my core values.

I serve the planet and wildlife for good.

My imagination is colorful.

Freedom is the catalyst for my mind.

I trust my intuition.

My internal consciousness is healing and serves my heart and mind.”

Stay in this quiet place for as long as you may need.

When you are ready, take a deep inhale, complete exhale, and slowly blink the eyes open allowing the light and environment back into this space around you.

Thank you for giving yourself this gift of meditation for third eye intuition and clarity.

Make sure to comment below and also check out several other guided meditations from TECA.

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