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Guided Healing Meditation Script: 3 Steps to Healing from Your Past

healing hands meditation

A guided healing hands meditation script can help support you on your journey

Sometimes…we just need a little guidance.

Sometimes…we just need to feel not so alone.

Sometimes…we need to know we are safe.

Sometimes…the hardest things we will do in life is to look within.

To look within…we must be willing to face an edge, or a place of discomfort, to receive the lesson of healing that awaits us.

guided healing hands meditation script

Guided Healing Hands Meditation Script

This particular healing hands meditation script is to cultivate freedom or peace. Freedom from past experiences that may still hinder you or traumas or hardships that no longer serve you in the present moment. To visualize your healing hands embracing you and reaffirming you are safe and powerful.

When we have seasons where our past is interfering, and sometimes tricking us, into believing we are “back in that space,” it can cause a lot of mental anguish and distress.

Sometimes even perpetuate anxiety or depression symptoms.

But know this…

There IS hope!

Allow this healing hands meditation script to be whatever it needs to be for you.

Take a deep breath.

And begin your practice…

Guided Healing Hands Meditation Script: When you are ready…

Step 1: Give yourself the healing gift of meditation

Step 2: Find the sanctuary you want for this practice

Step 3: Allow the process to exist from within

guided healing hands meditation script

Let the guided healing hands meditation script be your guide into places you may never allow yourself to go alone…

Guided Healing Hands Meditation Script: Healing from Your Past

Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit or lay back.

You can also take this healing meditation as a walking nature meditation if you’d like.

Once you have gotten comfortable in your space, slowly begin to close your eyes.

Allow your breath to resonate in the room or in nature.

Listen to it.

What does it sound like?

Where does it reside?

No judgement, no changing just notice.

Allow release and surrender wash over your body.

Continue to breathe and focus in on your exhales and inhales.

Now, take your awareness to your heart center.

Bring a warm light there.

See the healing power within your heart center.

Know that you are safe and that this is a safe place.

Bring your awareness to a time in your past that is still holding onto you.

Allow yourself to internally recite this mantra:

“Thank you for the lessons back then.

I no longer need you now.

I release you to the universe.”

Repeat the mantra 3 times.

Allow yourself to remain in this space for as long as you may need.

There is no rush to return to the busy, chaotic world.

Allow yourself to linger in relaxation as long as your body needs.

When you are ready to reawaken, slowly open the eyes.

guided meditation 

guided healing meditation script

Healing Hands Meditation Script

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