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Greenhouse Gardening on a Hill

gardening on a hill

Gardening on a hill sound daunting? No worries! Here are some amazing tips.

Whether you live on 10 acres of plains with tiny mounds, or if you live high in the mountains with steep ridges near your house, you can create a garden landscape of your dreams!

With a little research, strategic herbs and plants that thrive in YOUR climate, and some greenhouse supplies, we have the beginnings of a beautiful project!

Keep on reading to find out some great creative ideas to create greenhouse gardening on a hill.

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Greenhouse Gardening on a Hill

Step 1: Analyze Your Soil

What type of earth is predominately around you?

Do you live in more of a swamp wetlands, or high plaines dry desert?

Each landscape and soil will determine what types of plants and herbs can survive or thrive. This is an EXTREMELY CRUCIAL action step you cannot bypass, because the soil is what causes plants to live or die.

Step 2: Determine the Grade

Determining the grade of your hill will help narrow down and exclude the types of structures that can be built on your land. Some structures would simply be unsound to withstand time and weather conditions.

Some examples of greenhouse structures are:

Gothic Arch


And many many others! See resources links at the end of article.

Greenhouse Gardening on a Hill

Step 3: Identify Your Budget

Going into ANY type of project it is important to set and know your budget ahead of time! This will help keep you financially stable and make budget-smart decisions.

Step 4: Time Commitment

This is another important step to identify because understanding if you will be living in your home for 20-30 years, or if you plan to sell and move in 5 years, would drastically alter the investment into a greenhouse.

Dream big and make the greenhouse something that expresses YOUR core values!

Step 5: TYPE of Greenhouse Garden

My opinion, this is one of a the coolest steps to plan out! This refers to the INSIDE of the greenhouse.

Do you want a hydroponics garden?

Perhaps a ritualistic moon garden?

Do you want it to have its own air flow, or artificial?

Will you supplement with cow manure?

Final Thoughts…

Whatever you decide, make it YOURS and make it something that will cultivate joy and peace for years to come!

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Reanna Murphy
Reanna Murphy
Feb 13

Greenhouse gardening on a hill presents both challenges and opportunities. The slope can affect water drainage and sun exposure, requiring careful planning and possibly terracing for optimal growing conditions. Integrating a Janssen greenhouse organically into the landscape can provide a controlled environment for cultivating a variety of plants, extending the growing season, and protecting crops from harsh weather conditions. Additionally, utilizing organic gardening practices such as composting, crop rotation, and natural pest control methods can promote sustainability and environmental stewardship in your greenhouse operation. By combining thoughtful design with organic principles, you can create a thriving greenhouse garden on your hillside that yields bountiful harvests while respecting the ecosystem.

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