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Free Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep and in Nature

free guided meditation for deep sleep

free guided meditation for deep sleep

When I hear the statement “free guided meditation for deep sleep” it catches the depths of my soul and I want to immediately find out more.

That sounds like an amazing benefit to me! Don’t you?

To put the cherries on top, we are going to the mountains and connect with nature on the most intrinsic level…

Ahhh yes…

Mountains are majestic aren’t they? Anyone who has grown up in a mountain region or has transplanted there, can speak to the power of this amazing natural formation.

Additionally, the residents that live life along side these vast creations have the opportunity to tap into a deeper sense of meaning. When we think of how we start a meditation practice, we tend to focus on a few of the common things.

First we may: negate or remove distractions, find a quiet place, sit or recline in a comfortable posture, and then hope to have some significant response occur. Unfortunately, one major void I have witnessed over a decade of practicing mindfulness and meditation is, receiving external power from the world around us.

From that void, this free guided meditation for deep sleep and nature were created for you to do anywhere in the beautiful mountains of Colorado!

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free guided meditations for sleep

view from Pikes Peak in Colorado

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What is this void?

Just think about why this becomes a very common void! We have been conditioned to believe that meditation is about shutting out all distractions, external noise, and even our internal noise right? So, as we try and shut all the figurative and literal doors of distraction. Yet, we inadvertently close out also the good energies that can enhance our meditation practice!

It is similar to how most medicines work in the body. We can take medicines that can kill a virus or bacteria; but in the process of healing, the medicine often kills off good bacteria that our bodies need as well.

This is how many of our meditation processes have become conditioned. We often do not think the smell of wild horses in a field could transport us deeper into peace. Similarly, the sound of a rushing river splashing on our faces could allow us to release barriers in our relationships with others. We never know what we could discover if we never allow the exploring to even begin! Conversely, we just file these things away as distractions.

This free guided meditation for deep sleep and nature connection can bring you closer to exploring a part of your essence that you never knew existed!

How to Harness the External Power

free guided meditation for deep sleep

Free guided meditation for deep sleep

As mentioned above, I used the phrase “external power” and that is where the mountains and wilderness come in to play. There is a profound amount of life, energy, vibrations, and healing that happens from simply exploring our world and the nature around us.

In the context of our meditation practice, did you ever consider that if you meditated in the forest, on top of a mountain, or down by a rushing river, all of those natural landscapes could enhance your practice?

So, if we shut everything out, every single time we meditate, when can those forces ever speak to us? Thus, this simple, meditation was born! You can take this free guided meditation with you anywhere in the beautiful state of Colorado and explore the untapped energy that awaits you.

How do I start?

You may be wondering “How do I start?” It can be intimidating to change up your routine of a practice that is often so intimate and personal. The thought of meditating in the wilderness with unpredictable wildlife and nature risks, I get it.

It isn’t always appealing at first.

Take baby steps!

That is perfectly okay to ease yourself into a new routine or practice. Several free meditation options (e.g., free apps, guides, etc.) One amazing meditation and mental health wellness app called Shine offers many resources and healing activities where you can dive deep into mindfulness and other programs.

Here are a couple tips to help you start your meditation journey:

  1. Find a trail or park that is medium-to-highly populated so that you can feel safe.

  2. Find an open clearing that is closer to a trail as opposed deep into the wilderness for ease of access.

  3. Keep an open mind! This won’t be perfect immediately!

  4. Bring a friend or support buddy with you to share in this practice.

  5. Pick a location or mountain that you have the most experience with.

Let’s dive into the free guided meditation for sleep (and the beautiful wilderness of Colorado) now! You ready?

Free Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep

free guided meditations for sleep

Free Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep

Wilderness and Mountain Meditation

When you are ready to begin, find your space that speaks to you in this moment. This practice is for you. This moment is only this moment.

Once you find your spot, have a seat in a comfortable posture that you can remain still in for a few minutes.

Slowly close your eyes, or at least soften the gaze.

Do not try and change anything in this moment.

Allow yourself 5-10 natural inhales and exhales in stillness while receiving the natural sounds of the wilderness around you.

Next, start to deepen and lengthen your inhales and exhales. Try for 4 seconds in, and 4 seconds out. Then, if you are comfortable you can lengthen to 6 and 6 or 8 and 8. Stay with the ratio that allows you to feel the most connected and comfortable.

With the eyes still closed, return back to a natural breath pattern.

Now, start to visualize the environment you just saw surrounding you; before you closed your eyes. What direction are the mountains in? Did you see any wildlife around you? Did you see vibrantly colored herbs or plants nearby?

Next, internally claim one thing you are grateful for in this very moment.

With the eyes still closed, bring the palms of your hands down to the earth. Plant them on the ground. Give thanks to Mother Earth for providing you the support beneath you and enveloping you in this magnificent Creation.

When you are ready to seal your practice, slowly open the eyes and allow the world back in.


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