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Food that Improves Gut Health- 5 Amazingly Simple Tips

food that improves gut health

food that improves gut health

This post will not include some magic pill or quick fix. Nor will you see it is some fad diet. I’m not here to tell you these following tips will provide any of those things.

That should be a GOOD thing!

As we know, none of those terms mentioned above are sustainable, scientifically ethical, nor truly address any of the issues that often cause our health to decline. Instead, why not focus on the nutritional deficiencies and simple steps that we CAN control?

We often have so much more within our control that we allow ourselves to believe. It is empowering to take our health in our own hands. We give ourselves accountability and that soon becomes lifelong habits.

Do these 5 simple steps and also learn about food that improves gut health!

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Food that Improves Gut Health: Hydration ( WITH Electrolytes)

I know, I know…broken record right? Well, now that it’s almost 2022, we are finally learning that our parents and grandparents were right all along!

Drink your water, is what we’ve always heard. Little did we know it significantly impacts almost all of our physiological processes.

But, what might shock you, I am not here to say that all you have to do is a drink water. Being hydrated, is not just about the water.

Our little friends, the electrolytes, are a game changer!

So while this tip might seem a little tricky because hydration isn’t us “eating food” we are however consuming electrolytes which can be as simple as adding a few extra pinches of Celtic salt on your meals!

Be sure to remember to take high quality electrolytes throughout the day. (I go into more detailed benefits and why electrolytes are crucial in a different blog post under Vitamins. Check the website for updates!).

Food that Improves Gut Health: Ingredients that improve Sleep

food that improves gut health

food that improves gut health

More broken records, I know.

But sleep is just as important, if not more, than what we do throughout the waking hours to live a healthy lifestyle.

However, there is something new to consider when it comes to sleep.

We have heard for decades that our sleep is based on the number of hours we get. 6-8 hours is usually the golden star range. But what if 5 of those hours are tossing and turning and not good quality deep REM sleep?

Is it a good measure of quality sleep? I believe sleep should be viewed in a quality vs quantity measure.

If you gradually improve the quality of your sleep, you will soon start seeing improvements in overall health. 4-5 hours of high quality REM sleep is greatly preferred than 7-8 hours of low quality sleep.

So where does the food piece come into play?

Ingesting foods such as: fatty fish, almonds, walnuts, chamomile tea, turkey, kiwi are all foods that improve and aid in the relaxation process.

(I go into deeper explanation regarding sleep benefits, meditation, and yoga nidra, in future blog posts).

Now that we have discussed what food that improves gut health in 2 of the 5 simple steps, let’s see what’s up next!

Food that Improves Gut Health: Strategizing Meals Around Mindful Movement

This step may be the one most of us are most aware of and even perhaps engage in the most: movement.

We know that exercise is very important to our overall health. It doesn’t matter if we are already following a fitness routine or just starting, there are still some improvements that can be implemented!

The timing of our whole food source meals pre and post-workout helps improve our gut health. The quality of foods is important for the metabolic process.

Any and ALL movement is exercise as well! It doesn’t have to be a bicep curl or deadlift inside a gym.

It could be mowing the grass, gardening, taking the dog for a walk, or even dancing in your living room during a commercial break!

Get creative, make it fun, and come as you are!

Focusing on self-care can dramatically improve your health naturally! (more exercise related content found on the website!).

Food that Improves Gut Health: Whole Grains

food that improves gut health

food that improves gut health

Natural light is totally underrated. Very few of us are cognizant of getting outside daily to simply get our natural Vitamin D.

That is why many of us who live in the United States are chronically deficient. But natural light from our beautiful sun, not only aids in Vitamin D absorption in our bodies, but it’s a natural mood booster, as well as several other benefits.

It may seem silly or you may skeptical, but just try this for 30 days: open those blinds, pull open the curtains, and let some natural light in each morning.

Maybe even go for a disconnected, nature meditation walk. Make it a ritual. Your health will thank you!

Healthy Gut: Baseline Deficiencies

Our last step in how to improve our health naturally is addressing baseline deficiencies.

This includes vitamins and mineral inadequacies! It is usually not the first thing we think of if we go into the doctors, feeling sick, that it could be due to chronic deficiencies in magnesium, chromium, or vitamin D for example.

It’s almost about 90% of the population are deficient in at least one mineral or vitamin. That is astounding! Staying on top of our daily multivitamin and trace minerals, will help overall health rapidly improve.

But we should not jump in to taking just any vitamin or mineral that’s on the market. So many are low-quality, uses fillers, and do not even provide benefits. If you are looking for high quality vitamins or minerals to address your overall health, check out the highest quality gut health supplements.

Bonus Resource– Best foods for gut health! This recipe is a great Anti-Inflammatory!

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