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Discovering Inner Peace and Wellness: The Transformative Benefit from Meditation

benefit from meditation

Benefit from Meditation

Meditation, as an ancient practice, often offers a profound pathway to inner peace and wellness for those who practice this modality. In a world filled with constant distractions and stressors, the art of meditation serves as a sanctuary for the mind, a space where one can reconnect with oneself and cultivate a sense of clarity and healing.

In this post, we embark on a brief but profound mantra meditation for grief and comfort. We additionally provide an overview of the myriad of benefits of mantra meditation and why it can be beneficial in providing healing and grounding during hardships or difficult seasons of life.

Make sure that you are connected to our apothecary home community so that you are notified for the future article where we will dive deeply into the neuroscience behind meditation and why it is scientifically proven to improve one’s wellness and holistic health.

Benefit from Meditation: Why Mantra Meditation?

When we think about a benefit from meditation and specifically focus on mantras, there are several benefits that are almost immediate:

  1. improved focus

  2. reduction in sensory overload

  3. grounding

  4. reduction in stress

  5. reduction in cognitive overload

  6. improved heart rate

This is only a BRIEF list. There is a multitude of benefits and if you find you like mantra meditation make sure to check out all of our other free resources.

But I think we are ready for the star of the show… here is our mantra meditation for grief and comfort.

Benefit from Meditation: Start this mantra whenever you are ready

Once you have come to a comfortable posture and a quiet space, begin to internally recite this mantra script while bringing focus to heart center and your breath.

I am hurting.

The level of my hurt is equal to the love my soul holds.

I acknowledge this pain.

I am aware the pain and anguish is separate from my identity.

I know it is okay to feel deeply without judgement or shame.

I will allow this process to take as long as needs to.

I cannot rush my healing.

I love deeply.

I feel expansively.

I am worthy of love even when feeling pain.

I am worthy and valued by my Higher Power.

This grief will teach me lessons in the future.

I am safe and pour love into my heart.

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