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Countries of United Kingdom: Travel Bucket List

countries of united kingdom

Countries in United Kingdom- come find some of the most breath-taking gems in the world!

I am biased.

I won’t lie. Europe (specifically the Scandinavian regions) have a special place in my heart.

I am here to tell you that traveling to the countries of United Kingdom does not have to be expensive, nor boring!! Remember, summer is fast approaching and there are AMAZING discount deals available for travel and lodging. Don’t miss out.

We always want to pass on budget deals and discounts to you because, why spend more when you don’t have to??

So, if you have dreamed of finding budget travel from US to UK (and you’re on a budget), here are the top destinations and budget-friendly activities you must put on your bucket list!

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Spitsbergen, Norway

countries of united kingdom

countries of united kingdom Norway

Tucked away in the most northern extreme Arctic region of Norway, is a wildlife and natural landscape just waiting to be explored. If your vacation style is to disconnect with the external world to reconnect with creation and nature, then you NEED to check out Spitsbergen.

Enveloping you with glaciers, polar bears, wild fjords, and snow-capped mountains, Spitsbergen is the ideal place for an adventure yet, nature-loving traveler.

Even though this region as harsh climate, tourist are able to visit all year-round! Spitsbergen borders the edge of the Arctic Circle and is about 565 miles north of the mainland of Norway.

Traveling here is still fairly convenient with daily flights inbound that connect to Oslo and Tromso. However, with this region being predominantly uninhabited, the primary modes of transportation to certain areas are via boat (summer) and snowmobile (winter).

Whether you are an amateur photographer, travel blogger, or just in love with this amazing planet as I am, Spitsbergen, Norway has something for EVERYONE!

Axenstrasse, Switzerland

countries of united kingdom

countries of United Kingdom Switzerland

If you are looking to visit an ancient, mountainous city full of history and wonder, then look no further than Axenstrasse.

Get whisked away by this amazing country and the vast beauty that will surround you everywhere! When you consider lodging options, do not think you are limited to booking with a hotel.

Depending on the season and time of year you go, you can stay in one of the many outdoors lodging options such as cabins, remote camping, and other more eco-friendly options if you want to truly be one with nature or adopt a new lifestyle.

Dating back to 2200 B.C., during the Bronze Age, Axenstrasse certainly does not lack historical relevance and amazement. Home to Lake Lucerne, Axenstrasse is only about 40 miles from Zurich. It does matter you are a complete nature-lover or if you prefer being out on a boat or in a lodge, this natural landscape speaks to every traveler!

Depending on the time of year you want to visit, you will be able to experience many different activities (and sizes of crowds with fellow tourists!)


Do you live hitting the slopes or exploring the landscape on a snow mobile like me?


Then visiting Switzerland in the winter time is for YOU!

Though hiking and some skiing areas are limited, you will be able to capture one-of-a-kind Alpine views during the winter season.


If you like the awakening from winter season into a more balmy, clear skies, warm winds type of day, then spring time would be great for you to explore Axenstrasse! For the beloved bird-watchers out there, this is a wonderful time to catch wildlife start to emerge back out into their habitats and you can most-likely capture some amazing moments!


Desire hiking and being out on the land? Then summer and autumn will be your go-to seasons to travel from US to UK. During the summer in Switzerland, you will be able to witness all of the wildlife and and plants in full expression out in the vast landscape! Cows will be out in the high pastures, the crystal clear lakes arena awaiting happy travelers for swimming and boating, and the wildflowers all around you will be in full bloom!


You can experience a nature meditation or go animal-spotting and see some ibex goats, chamois, or fox in the early fall season.

This is a beautiful time to visit Axenstrasse because it will be less crowded and hot as well!

Greenland’s East Coast, North Atlantic

countries of united kingdom

countries of United Kingdom Greenland

Now, I know that you have many choices when you fly…and the same goes for deciding where in all of Europe to visit, but, personally, this hidden gem is often overlooked.

The North Atlantic region of Greenland will be one destination that you will not regret choosing to add to your list!


At almost 375,000 miles, the northeast corner of Greenland is home to the largest national park…IN THE WORLD!?

Considering that Greenland is often underrated or rarely thought of as a travel destination, the fact that it houses the largest national park in the whole world, would give reason enough to visit and experience this amazing wonder!

Greenland is a world all on its own.

Here is a brief list of some awesome things you can experience traveling to Greenland:

  1. Witness a glacier up close and personal

  2. Witness polar bears and sperm whales in the wild

  3. Take an arctic cruise

  4. Travel around the region via helicopter or boat

  5. Use sled dogs

  6. Explore a tundra-type landscape

  7. See ruins of WWII

Stay Tuned…

Flatey Island, Iceland

travel from US to UK Iceland
budget travel to Iceland
travel from the US to the UK

countries of United Kingdom Iceland

Here is a sneak peak of ONE of our next bucket list destinations! You will not want to miss the next installment of sustainable travel bucket list locations.

Now onto some of my favorite budget travel tips!

Countries of United Kingdom travel Budget Tips

So, as you can see, it’s AMAZING to go through all of these majestic and gorgeous destinations that are waiting for you to explore, but you may have some preconceived notions on travel as a whole when it comes to finances and other areas.

Let’s tackle some of those myths NOW!

  1. Use a Travel or Itinerary App

  2. Practice Travel Safety Measures!

  3. Break (yes, break it NOW) the mindset that traveling is expensive OR even traveling sustainably is out of financial reach. (do your research and implement hundreds of travel hacks that can help you travel while on a budget!)

  4. Thoroughly research your destination to avoid making COMMON travel mistakes!

  5. Use Free Resources to your advantage! (i.e., travel bloggers, travel websites, free articles, etc.)

  6. If you are currently in school (college or post-grad studies), consider registering for a study abroad program. This way, you can incorporate your desire and love for traveling while currently in school and avoid extra costs in the future.

  7. Travel during the off season of your destination!

  8. Currency converters are your friend! Click here.

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