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Cookies with Honey Recipe: Super Easy!!

cookies with honey recipe

The Amazing Cookies with Honey Recipe is just a moment away

Ever since I could remember, I always liked sweets. I was never the candy-lover type kid though.

I indulged in the “feel” good sweet treats!

You know the kind, right?

It’s the kind of food that takes you back and tells a vibrant, vivid story of the past; or it slows down time just enough so that you can relish in the sweet, supple scent just a few seconds longer.

This amazingness as led me to exploring a cookies with honey recipe!

It’s the sweet, soothing texture of the honey.

Raw honey has benefits a mile long, but let’s add a delicious twist. This raw honey recipe is not only a classic and staple for your kitchen, but it is packed full amazing medicinal benefits for all year-round health.

Let’s first quickly check out some of the benefits of consuming this amazing, sticky, golden medicine of honey.

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Cookies with Honey Recipe: Overview Honey Benefits

cookies with honey recipe

cookies with honey recipe

Honey is an amazingly diverse ingredient to use in some many recipes.

It is convenient and can quickly be added to drinks, teas, desserts, main courses, and taken completely on its own!

A strong antimicrobial, honey has been used for centuries in the soothing and healing of upper respiratory illness, common head colds, sore throats, G.I. issues, and to clear up bacterial infections. In combination with other herbal medicines, honey is the perfect base to house these amazing benefits.

(Now, as a side note, IF you wanted to make the below recipe more herbal, you could consider one of these two amazing herbs to compliment the cookies.)

Anise Hyssop

This vibrant shrub is packed full of wonderful benefits. In ancient cultures, hyssop was highly regarded as a “cure-all” herb! Currently, it is widely used as a tonic as well as calming effects. It can help clear out thick mucus during an upper respiratory infection. As a sedative, it is wonderful to use to battle asthma.

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena shares many similar qualities with its cousin herb- lemon balm. You can click here to check out the featured article we did on the beautiful lemon balm! Verbena contains a strong volatile oil that offers calming effects on the digestive system. Along with sedative properties, its tonic effect can help assist the occasional seasonal blues and mild depression.

(or, for all the chocolate lovers out there?)

Now that we have gone over a brief herbal medicine overview, let’s get into this cookies with honey recipe shall we?

Cookies with Honey Recipe Prep

Herbalist Tip: If you live in a region where your honey crystalizes often and easily, it is helpful to make a double broiler system and warm up your honey on low heat, 30-60 minutes prior to starting ingredients mixing.

How to Make Cookies with Honey Recipe: Directions

cookies with honey recipe

cookies with honey recipe


  1. Organic Raw Honey

  2. Butter- unsalted

  3. Cornstarch

  4. Coconut Flour

  5. 2 Organic, or Farm Eggs (you CAN get by with using 1 egg for less fluffy cookies, but who wants THAT?)

  6. Brown Sugar (you can substitute and use Stevia’s Brown Sugar- but keep in mind it may slightly alter texture and taste.)

  7. Baking Soda

  8. Baking Powder

  9. Sorghum SyrupHerbalist Recommendation

  10. Lemon Zest (shhhh….this is one of the secret ingredients! teehee)

Directions: Cookies with Honey Recipe

  1. Whisk together, in large stainless steel mixing bowl, all dry ingredients

  2. Using a food processor or large stand mixer ( see below for recommendations and apothecary discounts especially for YOU), blend and fluff the butters, honey, and sugar. **be THOROUGH here**

  3. Slowly add in eggs, sorghum, and lemon zest and until combined (lowest speed).

  4. Best to cover and chill in refrigerator for 10-12 hours.

  5. Remove from fridge and roll into tiny balls.

  6. Optional- but to make thumbprint style cookies, gently press down the middle of the ball less than half-way.

  7. For easy clean up, use a silicone cooking liner on a copper cooking sheet.

  8. From a pre-heated oven, bake for 7-9 minutes (until golden brown) DO NOT OVER BAKE.

  9. Allow to cool, and ENJOY!!

Resources Mentioned in Article

Eat and enjoy!!

Herbal Honey can remain stored for an extremely long shelf life! (think decades)

A delicious smoothie recipe pairs well with this herbal honey recipe!

Resources Mentioned in Article

You don’t want your honey cookies to be soft and supple? Try these.

Great Holiday Cookies!

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