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Companion Planting for Garlic: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Own Garden

companion plants to mint

Companion Planting for garlic

There are several reasons people may cultivate an interest in gardening, growing herbs, or doing DIY projects around the home.

The global pandemic has impacted us all greatly.

With the high rise in inflation on our household groceries and consumables, some of us have turned to growing our own food.

There are many ways that we can continue supporting our environment AND keep our budget on track!

Companion planting is a gardening technique that involved growing plants in close proximity to each other. The theory behind this method is that plants that grow well together will also benefit each other.

Check out this guide to learn more!

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Why Grow Together? Companion Planting for Garlic

companion plants for mint 
companion planting

Companion Planting for Garlic

Plants that grow well together tend to thrive better than those that grow alone. This is because companion plants share nutrients and water with one another. They also help keep pests away from each other.

Read further to find out what herbs grow well with garlic

The Benefits of Companion Planting

companion plants for mint

Companion Planting for Garlic

Companion planting is not only beneficial for gardens, but also for those that suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments. It helps reduce the spread of airborne diseases like the common cold and flu.

Mental health wellness also benefits from gardening techniques and herb gardening at home!

When we think of the companion plants to garlic, we want to choose herbs and plants that will help garlic thrive in the combined environment.

Above all, the mindset behind companion planting, is an AMAZING way to support and be a bigger part of conservation efforts that our planet desperately need right now.

Check out this amazing free guide for starting your own indoor herb garden!

Additionally, this chart is a great resource to keep on hand!

Choosing Plants that Work Together

companion plants for mint

Companion Planting

There are several different ways to companion plant plants together.

You can choose plants based on:

  1. what grows well with each other

  2. how they will effect each other’s growth

  3. or, how they will effect pests and diseases

So, you are probably still asking the ultimate question…

“What can I plant with garlic?”

Companion Plants for Garlic

what is a companion plant for mint
companion plants to mint

What not to plant near garlic- keep eyes peeled for future article!

So… here we are!

This is what you’ve most likely been waiting for! To learn about what are some of the companion planting for garlic!

The garlic family is an amazing, eclectic family of herbs that are among some of people’s favorites!

Peppermint herb in particular is used often:

  1. creates wonderful herbal teas and infusions

  2. used in a wide variety of medicinal ways to treat ailments

  3. amazing companion plant to help others thrive

So, what is a companion planting for garlic? We have MANY!

Check the list below!

  1. Carrots

  2. Tomatoes

  3. Peas

  4. Beans

  5. Lettuce

  6. Brussel Sprouts

  7. Kale

  8. Oregano

  9. Marigolds

  10. Broccoli

  11. Beets

This list isn’t all-exclusive. There are MANY plants that are great to help garlic thrive!

Make sure you try out some of these amazing companion plants for garlic and share your experience with us at TECA!

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