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Companies that are Eco Friendly: Our Top 5

life sustainable

What does it mean to YOU when you ask yourself: How can I make my life sustainable?

There may be an affiliate link listed below in this article. If you choose to give back to The Earth’s Choice Apothecary (TECA), I MAY receive a SMALL commission for your gratitude in supporting this mission.

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Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to do your laundry?

A less messy way? (bye-bye dried, crusty liquid detergent stains)

A more organized way? (these ugly bulky plastic bottles don’t blend in very well…)

A more cost-effective AND environmentally-friendly WAY?? (save the planet save the wildlife!)

I’m here to say…

YES! Yes there is!!

But don’t just take my word for it, let’s hear from other customers and their amazing experience with this eco friendly product:

Smells great and great for the environment. Gets delivered straight to my mailbox so I will never run out of detergent again. Allison

Love the fresh scent. Run an AirBnB doing a lot of laundry that used a lot of plastic. Now no more plastic waste. Martin

Very easy to use and clothes come out smelling fresh and clean. No more carrying those heavy jugs of laundry detergent! Scott

As you can see from the direct testimonials above, Earth Breeze is making more than just an environmental impact on the world, they are providing personal impacts in people’s lives!

Reducing single-use plastic is great.

Providing convenience to families is awesome.

Reducing financial stress on business owners is amazing.

Saving the lives of various eco systems is AWE-INSPIRING.

So, why haven’t you tried Earth Breeze yet?

Perhaps, you are wondering how they even work? You don’t like change? You think that “nothing can be as effective as my current laundry detergent.”

I’m here to say, you have to just decide for you what matters most and if you want to be a part of a sustainability movement that will impact generations to come!

It truly is a very small step that generates a profound result!

Earth Breeze is among the companies that are eco friendly because:

  1. Their laundry sheets remove the need for single-use plastic jugs

  2. Their ingredients are all natural, organic, and sustainably sourced

If you have been wanting to reduce single-use plastics in your life, but have been on the fence and overwhelmed on how to begin, Blue Land is your solution.

I totally get how beginning to adopt a new lifestyle behavior is difficult and also confusing, because so much misinformation is out there on the internet. Hopefully many of you have been a part of the Earth’s Choice Apothecary family for long enough now to know, I don’t just review or talk about any company on here.

I strive to support companies that are aligned in conservation and sustainability advocacy as we are here.

Blue Land definitely earned a spot in this top 5 list!

Have you ever opened up your cabinets and just looked at how many plastic containers make up all your cleaning supplies?

Not only would it help to reduce the amount of cabinet space and clutter within your home by decreasing the amount of cleaning supplies and bottles you have, but it would help you feel at east knowing you are supporting the planet by purchasing products that are toxin-free!

Blue Land is among the companies that are eco friendly because:

Your Super

As a 3-year consumer of these super food powders myself, Your Super made this top 5 list for many amazing reasons!

Their story started from Michael’s, one of the co-founders, cancer diagnosis at the age of 24, and Kristel, another co-founder, bringing him homemade superfood mixes to help rebuild his immune system. Years later, he’s cancer free and they continue to grow their business and recently expanded into several US-based Target stores!!

If you are new to super foods, never taken a super foods powder, or not really sure what all the hype is about, you’ve come to the right place!

I cannot tell you how amazing these superfood powders are in herbal smoothie recipes and even on their own! It is not difficult to enhance your homemade smoothie’s nutritional value, by adding in these awesome powders!

Your Super is among the companies that are eco friendly because:

  1. USDA Certified Organic

  2. Non-GMO Verified

  3. 100% Plant-Based

  4. 3rd Party Lab Testing

  5. Certified B Corp

Companies that are Eco Friendly cont.

companies that are eco friendly

Why should we care about companies that are eco friendly?

If you know anything about me, when it comes to putting products on my skin, I take skincare very seriously.

I didn’t use to! Really, in the past I used to just buy whatever was on sale, had a coupon, or was just the cheapest.

I grew up thinking all products were created equal.

I had to learn the hard way.

So, when speaking specifically about cosmetics: I personally do not wear heavy make up, nor do I want a full coverage look.

I like a very natural, light, and glowing makeup look. Basically, something that I can do in 3-5 minutes. Something that empowered me and increased my confidence!

When I started searching for a cosmetic brand that fit my personal needs and beliefs, I found Shine Cosmetics, and I am glad that I did!

(I have not worn foundation ever since!!)

Shine Cosmetics are among the companies that are eco friendly because:

  1. Products are certified leaping bunny

  2. Cruelty-free

  3. Not tested on animals

  4. Women owned

  5. Stands against sexualization of women

Our Last but Not Least…

I found out about Versed around 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back sense!

I get it though. It’s hard to know what makes one skin care company stand out over another. It’s overwhelming out there because there are SO MANY to choose from; it’s hard to know what is good quality and what isn’t.

Honestly, some elements just boil down to preference.

For me, here are some of my non-negotiables when it comes to skincare:

  1. Must be ethically sourced

  2. Products must fall within a certain budget-range

  3. Non-toxic ingredients

Then I also have a few points that are called my preferred list so having these factors that I know are important to me, has helped me quickly narrow down all the hundreds of skincare companies out there because:

Some are immediately ruled out due to their cost while others are ruled out because they are full of toxins and are not ethically sourced (e.g., or do animal lab testing).

Now these are just my personal values that I look for in skincare and when I learned about Versed I was over the moon!

Versed is among companies that are eco friendly because:

  1. Net Zero Emissions

  2. Every single product is under $25

  3. Recyclable Packaging

  4. Vegan and Cruelty Free

  5. Climate Neutral Certified

  6. Recycle Responsibly Program

There you have it friends! Our top five companies that are eco friendly! Make sure to join our FREE community from the resources page on the website so you can get access to exclusive discounts and save HUNDREDS from making purchases through our sustainable partners.

If you have a recommendation or company you’d like to be featured or researched, shoot us an email.

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