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Book Review Amazon: Buddha’s Diet

book review amazon

Book Review Amazon Exclusive: Buddha’s Diet

Many of us have come to the end of our rope.

Whether we have struggled with weight loss for years, or a recent medical diagnosis has caused our bodies to be wrecked with inflammation, it is never an easy issue to cope with.

If you are like me, you’ve probably tried 100’s of different books, supplements, weight loss sweat wraps (ugh…the worst, never again!), and downing chalky protein powders.

But, if you haven’t checked out books on this topic yet, let me bring one to your attention with “Buddha’s Diet.”

No. You don’t have to be faith-based, to appreciate this small, pocket sized text.

As an amazon book review exclusive, I wanted to share with you some highlights, and a couple improvements that readers may notice. In the end, finding YOUR path and what works for YOU (*cough* while YOU put in the work too), is what will be life-sustaining for you on this new journey!

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A Book Review Amazon Exclusive: Buddha’s Diet Overview

In this concise, easy to read book, there is a lot of gems found within. Cottrell and Zigmond do a good job at using a conversational ton with the audience as if you and the authors were out having coffee and chatting.

In slightly under 240 pages, the book with filled with 24 short chapters and you can get through the book fairly quickly. Speckled in is some light humor and uplifting thoughts that not only add to the intimate nature of weight loss, but also the author break the most common misperceptions about Buddha.

Backed by current scientific research, the authors go through several highlights of the book and showcase the scientific evidence that, in modern day, supports these highlights.

A Book Review Amazon: Buddha’s Diet Framework

book review amazon

Book Review Amazon

“Time-Restricted Eating”

You have probably heard this phenomenon in mainstream media known as Intermittent Fasting.

This is one of the main factors showcased in “Buddha’s Diet” and based on medical research and testing in 2014 with lab mice, the results showcase that groups that ate “only during a restricted window of time” did not suffer from obesity like the others.

Now, keep in mind, there are many other factors that influence positive results doing IF, so please check with your healthcare provider before starting any weight loss regiment.

Consistent Eating

Another element the authors discuss is the idea of eating “round-the-clock.” Meaning, frequent and small meals.

The days of “3 meals a day” are long gone for most of us. It doesn’t work; it tends to disrupt hormone levels, and it does not promote weight loss. Conversely, most people who eat 1-3 meals a day GAIN weight.

Mindset & Wellness

This is another highlight of the book because the authors do a good job expressing the importance of mindset behind living a healthy lifestyle and potential weight loss strategies. It is essentially crucial to cultivate and foster a graceful (offering yourself grace), perseverant, mindset, which helps maintain integrity and consistency when forming new habits.

A Book Review Amazon: Improvements

Book Review Amazon- stay tuned for the next book review coming up next week!

Fitness & Exercise

The book does not address these elements in much detail at all. In essence, it is a very short and abrupt “mention” of the importance, however, it may leave the reader confused and lingering for more understanding.

Fitness and exercise is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. With SO many options available for individuals to turn to, the very least the book could provide several options for the reader to further research.

Gratitude & Religion

There is a section within the book that offers up a recommendation to “saying grace before a meal” or “show gratitude for the food you receive.” While gratitude is a HUGE benefit to cultivating a healthy lifestyle AND maintaining it, I believe that the aspect of a religious context should have been made separate in a “stand-alone” section of its own.

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