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Best Zoos in US for 2023

best zoos US

the earths choice

Best Zoos US- locations you NEED to see

When it comes to finding the best zoos in the United States, there are a lot of options to choose from. But with so many great choices, it can be hard to know where to start. To help you out, we’ve created a list of the best zoos in the US, based on factors like the size of the zoo, the quality of the exhibits, the variety of animals, the sustainability and humane treatment of the animals housed there, and many more!

So, whether you are looking for a fun day out with the family, or a chance to learn about some of the world’s most amazing animals, be sure to check out The Earth’s Choice Apothecary’s “Best Zoos US Edition” list and make your zoo choice based on those that are humane and planet-friendly!

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Best Zoos US Edition: Cheyenne Mountain

best zoos US

the earths choice

Colorado- Best Zoos US

Gracing the first spot is located in the Western Region of the US and that is Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Southern Colorado Springs. The zoo is renowned for its commitment to animal welfare and conservation, with the mission to inspire the community to protect and preserve the natural world.

The zoo is home to over 750 animals from 170 different species, including rare and endangered species such as the Amur leopard, Siberian tiger, and the black rhino. One of the most unique features of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is its altitude and breath-taking landscapes.

Herbalist Highlight:

Their advocacy and mission statement on wildlife welfare, sustainability, and conservation, is what places them on the TECA Best Zoos US list.”

Best Zoos US Edition: Indianapolis

best zoos in US

Best zoos US edition: conservation is their utmost priority!

Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Zoo spans over 64 acres and is home to 1400 animals from 200 different species. They have habitats such as the Dolphin Pavilion, and the Plains which houses cheetahs, zebras, and meerkats.

The Indianapolis Zoo is also committed to conservation and sustainability by running programs throughout the year. Additionally, they have focused programs on endangered species awareness and reducing our environmental impact.

Herbalist Highlight:

This expansive zoo is large in size, however they are committed to reducing their toxic impacts on our planet and wildlife.

Best Zoos US: Cincinnati

As one of the oldest zoos in the US, the Cincinnati Zoo is highly respected for its initiatives in wildlife and animal welfare and conservation. Founded in 1873, the zoo spans over 74 acres and is home to over 500 animals. What makes this zoo unique and special is that it is home to the world-renowned Carl H. Linder Jr. Family Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife: scientists work to protect and restore populations of endangered animals through research, ethical breeding, and conservation.

Herbalist Highlight:

Come and visit the Conservation Center! It is a special place and wonderful things are being done for the natural world there.

Best Zoos in US: Alaska

best zoos in US

Best Zoos US- Ever want to travel to Alaska? Make this part of your journey

Located in Anchorage, the Alaska Zoo is a unique destination to experience and come into relationship with animals that are native to the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of the world. Established in 1969, the zoo is home to over 100 animals and spans over 25 acres.

The Alaska Zoo has conservation programs focused on promoting awareness about wildlife and habitat preservation in Alaska.

Herbalist Highlight:

The Alaska Zoo is the only operating zoo in the whole state of Alaska.

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