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Best Source For Protein: Options for Holidays

best source for protein

Best Source for Protein: Make the holiday meals creative!

Is Aunt Martha coming to your house for Christmas this year and she’s the one aunt that has nutritional restrictions?

Perhaps all the holiday sweet treats aren’t good for your kids because they have allergies to common ingredients.

Or maybe, you are just wanting a new take on holiday meals and healthy alternatives so you are hoping to find some inspiration on what YOU can do this Christmas.

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, just know that we’ve got you covered and this article is filled with some great resources for you!

Today’s article will for on the best source for protein: holiday edition!


Because, the protein of a meal, is often the “main attraction” so once you have the main focus of the meal, it can make choosing the other ingredients that much easier!

So let’s dive in.

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Best Source for Protein: Seafood

best source for protein

Best source for protein- Seafood option

Seafood is an AMAZING source of protein, and it is often the one main category that most people overlook.

Here are some ideas for holiday meals you can create with seafood as the main source of protein:

  1. Seafood Casserole

  2. Salmon and Asparagus

  3. Crab cakes and soup

  4. lobster bisque and french bread

  5. air-fried tilapia and mushroom risotto

Get creative and focus on seafood as a best source for protein for the holidays to cut down costs on red meats and less-healthy sources.

Best Source for Protein: Vegetarian

best source for protein

Best source for protein: vegetarian options

For those that do not or cannot eat red meats, we are helping out the vegetarians with some great protein sources so you can still eat some amazing recipes during the holidays!

Vegetarian protein resources list:

  1. Tempeh

  2. Tofu

  3. Legumes

  4. Seeds

  5. Seitan

  6. Edamame

  7. Nutritional Yeast

  8. Lentils

Best Source for Protein: Lean Alternatives

best source for protein

Best Source for Protein

If you feel you absolutely need or want to eat red meats for the holidays, maybe checking out some healthier alternatives in red meats is something you can commit to for a holiday season.

Here are some top recommendations:

  1. chicken breast

  2. ground turkey

  3. extra lean deli meats

Make sure to check out these super easy and HEALTHY smoothies to compliment with your healthy entrees.

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