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Best Free Sleeping Meditation

free sleeping meditation

Free Sleeping Meditation: Best Mantras to aid in Deep Sleep

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we just cannot ease into sleep.

We may not even know why…

On these nights where you need an extra little push into grounding, calm, restful sleep, come back to these mantras, and silently repeat in your mind these words:

Free Sleeping Meditation

free sleeping meditation

Meditations for Calm, Restful Sleep

“Tonight I allow my body to relax.

I release the tension within my muscles.

I allow myself to release expectations and frustrations of the day.

There is no more effort and work needed.

I surrender into stillness and ease.

I allow my heart to release any emotional ache and anguish that it is currently harboring.

The only intention in this space right now is for sleep.

I am safe.

I am okay.

Sleep awaits me, if I allow it.”

This is a simple and yet powerful free sleep meditation that you can incorporate with breath practice in the evenings to prepare for a good night’s rest.

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