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Articles on Wellness and Health

These resources below are found in magazine issues, other blog posts, and articles in various journals. These resources are for you to look through and see if anything calls out to you. I know magazines may seem like a thing of the past in today’s world, but you will find gems if you look closely. Many of these journals and magazines are publications within the niche of wellness and health with scientific backing. That’s what makes these wonderful resources! This will be an ever-evolving list (just like the books list) as more and more resources are added. All articles on wellness and health are for your research and knowledge use and are protected by their author. Periodically stop back and check the list for more treasures!


Breathe Magazine-Mental Health Issue (July 2021). Spotlight Article- A wing and a prayer. Great article on how birdwatching helps cultivate wellness and healing.

The Mindfulness Journal: The Ultimate Guide to Well-Being. (July 2021). Spotlight Article- The highlight of this issue isn’t any particular article (they are all great!) but it is the journaling section that you can actually write in responses too. The theme for this one is “Reflections” and it surrounds the seasons of transition.

Articles on Wellness and Health

Mental Health Tips during the Pandemic

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