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Anti-Inflammatory Recipes for Dinner: Part II

anti-inflammatory recipes for dinner

Before we can tackle anti-inflammatory recipes for dinner, we must first understand how certain foods impact our bodies

We are BACK friends! Part II of Anti-Inflammatory Recipes for Dinner.

In this installment however, we are going to go all guide-like and provide some tangible tips and information so that you can feel confident conquering your weekly meals all while reducing inflammation!

Of course there will be awesome recipes linked throughout the article so you can quickly have some amazing meals for dinner whenever you want! How does that sound?

*loud cheering*

Yesss! That’s what I like to hear.

Okay, let’s hop to it!

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Inflammation Reducing Foods

I like simplicity, especially when it comes to situations or things that cause us to feel out of control or hopeless. SIMPLIFYING can be, arguably, the best HEALER during experiences like this.

I can only imagine that many of us feel out of control and discouraged when we feel we are doing all the right and “healthy” things to battling inflammation but nothing seems to be working.

So here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m not gonna ramble off a long evidence-based article to you here; though they absolutely have their place.

I’m gonna simplify the –ISH out of this, so that you can start to feel better!

Here is a straight-forward list of wonderful ingredients (many herbal of course!) and foods that can help with reducing inflammation:

Whew! Did you realize how many amazing ingredients are out there and readily accessible to help aid in fighting inflammation within the body!? (and that list isn’t even exhaustive!!)

How about we next check out some easy SIMPLIFIED (see the pattern starting to form here?) tip on how we can eat well and incorporate anti-inflammation tips!

Eating Well: Anti-Inflammation Tips

Now, we need to understand that nutrition is NOT the only way to tackle inflammation within the body. There are medicines (both prescription and OTC) and many other methods. As always, with anything medical, consult with your medical provider before deciding on which treatment is best for you.

Here, this article is meant to be a guide for those who decide they want to improve their nutrition approach to inflammation within the body!

So, if we are in the context of using food as medicine, how can we best eat well for reducing inflammation?

Well, healthy eating and food in general is very much culturally influenced and learned behaviors. We can find ourselves in bad habits or negative ways of thinking when it surrounds food and then need to back track to why and where those came from. So, it’s no surprise when we think of anti-inflammatory recipes for dinner we can be overwhelmed because it truly is a paradigm shift in how we grew up or developed our relationship with foods.

But NO FEAR! We CAN turn this around!

Here is a simple list on eating well anti-inflammation tips:

  1. Keep a journal of your symptoms for right after you eat a meal- notice patterns

  2. Stay hydrated! (90oz baseline)

  3. Reduce stress

  4. Daily breath practices (literally you only need 1-2 minutes!)

  5. Daily movement

Those are ACHIEVABLE simple tips right?

Heck yeah we can do this!

What to Eat for Inflammation

If someone were to ask you right now: “what comes to mind when you think of anti-inflammatory recipes for dinner?” do you have immediate images or ideas that come to mind? Or are you just a deer in the head lights?

Theres no right or wrong!

Medical and nutritional advancements are happening at such a crazy fast pace, it’s hard to keep up.

So, this section here is going to go through a hypothetical day, of a hypothetical person, and it’ll show what a typical breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snack might look like.

As with everything here a reminder, do your own research and consult with your provider. This is not meant to be a guideline for you, as everybody has different physiology.


2-3 scrambled or hard-boiled eggs seasoned with paprika and turmeric


2-3 egg veggie omelette with tomato and spinach/kale


Large Cobb Salad- eggs, dark leafy greens, tomatoes, chives

Fruit Salad- spinach leaves, mandarin oranges, berries (blue, strawberries*, raspberries)


Organic lean meat- (ground turkey, grilled chicken breast, sirloin) seasoned with turmeric, parsley, basil, or paprika

mixed vegetables- dark greens, asparagus, zucchini


Plain, raw almonds, walnuts, seeds

Kava Protein Shake

Anti Inflammatory Diet Recipes

One natural by-product of adopting an anti-inflammatory nutrition style is also your body may start to more efficiently burn fat as well.

Here is a quick list of some good healthy recipes that also include anti-inflammatory properties:

I could go on and on but this list would break my “simplicity” theme I going on here so alas…


2 Weeks of Anti-Inflammatory Eating Clean

You might surprise yourself on the creative ways you can build a 2 week meal plan! I promise you, it is easier and can be more simplified than we usually make it.

Come in closer, I gotta whisper this because I’m about to make a confession.

I used to panic about meal-plans too….okay fine sometimes I STILL do.

But because I love all you guys I’m going to give you my best, tried and true, PRO TIP of all time:


Okay, maybe that wasn’t as earth-shattering as you expected, but stay with me. This is going to be mind-blowing, seriously.

You can very easily find multiple sites that may offer a recipe here and there, and combining all of them together you can create your own two-week meal plan!

Boom! How empowered do you feel now?

Still need a little bit more support? Prefer the guidance or help from a professional or someone to recommend ingredients to you?

You can ALWAYS reach out to me if you are interested in a free-initial consultation and currently right now, all nutrition, herbal, and apothecary services offered are 75% off. It literally will cost you more to go to Starbucks than what it will to take the first step towards greater health!

You’re nearing the end of this article and you could be wondering if implementing these tips and guides are even financially feasible. I am here to tell you: YES, you CAN create anti-inflammatory recipes for dinner on a budget!

Now go and rock these new anti-inflammatory recipes for dinner!

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