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An Amazing Guide for Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

indoor herb garden ideas

fresh lavender-indoor herb garden ideas

“Buzz! Buzz!”

The beautiful bee flies by and lands on your herbs and flowers outside on a sunny day. You take in a deep breath, as your eyes close softly.

The aroma of floral, refreshing, flowers in perfect synergy sweep across your garden and you smile.

You never thought you’d be able to create a flourishing garden such as this. To bear witness to the life and creation that is in relationship inside a garden is an awe-inspiring experience.

The pollinators, the plants, the wind, the sun, the water, it all is sacred and connected.

It makes you want to create your own sanctuary doesn’t it?

Well, no fear!

You will soon be growing your own herbs and foods and creating budget-friendly recipes in no time!

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Overview: Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

indoor herb garden ideas

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas: Where should you start?

When it comes to visualizing and mapping out how to practically start growing herbs indoors, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Will this cause me more stress?

This is a biggie! It really is.

For many of us, clutter or disorganization truly impacts our wellness and mental health and the last thing you want is to embark on this journey with your indoor herb garden ideas and then feel overwhelmed and worse than when you started!

So, ensure that you know that this will be a stress-free journey AND perhaps that it will actually bring you joy or excitement to bring this inside the house!

2. Are there any existing dangers present?

This question is mostly referring to our beloved furry-children in the home. Yes, there are HUNDREDS of toxic herbs and plants to our loved ones, and cats in particular, are great ninja assassins at getting into our plants and herbs.

So make sure you do your research and really weight the risks and benefits on bringing your indoor herb garden ideas to the family!

3. Do I have (or CAN I create) a space for the Indoor Herb Garden?

Now this question is a little tricky… I will tell you why.

Whenever a client comes to me wanting advice or consultation on herbs and gardening, if they ask me recommendations or the “how to’s” when it comes to their space this is what I often say.

There is no space that is too small

I do stand by that!

What comes into play however, is the WILLINGNESS to get creative and carve out that space for your indoor herb garden. That means, there may be structures or things within your current home that may need to be shifted, moved, altered, etc.

If the willingness of the homeowner is there, then great! The SKY’S THE LIMIT!!

If it is not there, then the indoor herb garden ideas just aren’t compatible at that time.

What we want to avoid is using the “my space is too small” as an excuse for the unwillingness.

Next up… we choose are materials!!

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas: Choose Your Materials

indoor herb garden ideas

indoor herb garden ideas

Choosing materials can sometimes be a bit easier when doing an indoor rather than outdoor project. Because most of the time, it is already narrowed down for us, just by default of location.

Here are some options for you!

  1. Self-Watering Humidity Domes (these are perfect for those starting out from seedlings!)

  2. Bio/Eco Singular Pots

  3. Galvenized Garden Beds

  4. Hydroponics

The next step in this process is asking yourself…


Longevity and “Big Picture” Plan

indoor herb garden ideas

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Do you have indoor herb garden ideas, solely because you will find it fun and use it as a little hobby?

How many hours a week will you REALISTICALLY commit to this for the long haul?

Are you planning on moving anytime in the near future?

All of these are really good, practical, questions you have to keep in mind when considering your dedication to your indoor herb garden ideas.

Your Dream Garden’s Intention

indoor herb garden ideas

What will this mean to you?

Will this herb garden become a sanctuary for you to honor your ancestors?

Do you desire it to become a staple in the home for your own food, consumables, and medicinals?

Whatever it becomes for you…

Just remember…


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