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5 Ways to Cultivate Toxic Free Living

toxic free living

Toxic Free Living

We all may have the best of intentions.

I’ll start my new workout on Monday…this weekend is just so busy.

I don’t have time for that massage or spa day, because the kids have band and karate.

I have to stay at this job that is sucking my soul, because I’m too old to start a new career or passion.

Sound familiar?

Did I hit a chord?

We are not promised tomorrow, and there ARE many things out of our control.

But how about we mind shift just a moment and focus on the things that we CAN choose to say yes to.

YES you CAN adopt and cultivate a non toxic lifestyle.

It is not as hard as you may think.

Follow these 5 simple steps and you will be well on your way to non toxic living.

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Toxic Free Living Step 1: Intention is Everything

non toxic living

toxic free living

There is more power in intention-setting than you may realize. Right now, is the perfect time to set an intention if you want to create toxic free living habits.

Setting an intention is no longer reserved for the yoga studio.

Perhaps the term itself of “setting an intention” seem intimidating or even time-consuming.

I am here to tell you: it is not.

It is simply allowing yourself to be aware in your life, your actions, your choices.

It can be simple as choosing to not live life in an “auto-pilot” way!

Toxic Free Living Step 2: Travel by Leaving no Trace

toxic free living

toxic free living lifestyle

Whether it’s on your next family outing, or a major vacation, when you visit sacred lands or nature preserves, it is the etiquette to leave the environment how you found it, or BETTER.

Some easy simple tips to vacation more intentionally are:

  1. Everytime you go to a new place or attraction, ask yourself “what is one thing you are grateful for in this new place?”

  2. Ask your kids to find something in the landscape and tell you about why they like it or why it’s special to them.

  3. Walk slower through the landscape, exhibit, or attraction. SLOW. DOWN. TAKE. TIME.

  4. Take 5 deep breaths before getting out of the car or transportation, then 5 deep breaths once the visit is over.

  5. Leave the environment better than how you found it: example of this intention is if you are hiking or at a park and see a lot of litter, clean it up. Even if you didn’t cause it, YOU can be responsible for making it a better place for the ecosystems there.

Toxic Free Living Step 3: Remove Chemicals

non toxic living

Toxic Free Living- products that are around you every day is a great start to clean out of the house

Whether is a lotion you put on your skin every night, or an all-purpose cleaner that you spray around the house each week, you want to really see what lives in your home, with you.

Take an inventory of what is actually in your home and could be toxic and harmful to you and your family (even harming your beloved pets).

Do you use chemical fabric softener on all your laundry?

Do you wake up every morning and solely eat carb-heavy breakfasts which spike your insulin levels?

Think about where we may spend most of our time. Maybe you commute or travel a lot and are in your car often. Do you use chemical air fresheners?

How about the shampoos and body washes you choose to use; could they be toxic?

This is what taking an inventory of your home and identifying potential toxic habits and behaviors and then making changes for a more toxic free living environment!

Toxic Free Living Step 4: Learn to Say “No”

non toxic living

Toxic Free Living: can be as simple as starting to say “no”

You may have heard the saying: “No is the most powerful, complete sentences you can ever say.”

You may be in “people-pleaser” club (guilty) but after some time, you will learn that this is not a sustainable way to live.

It will begin to drain you and leave you unfulfilled. Because the matter of the fact is people disappoint.

Most people will not meet your internal expectations that you have set, and you may not even be aware of them in the moment. But it will come some day, and when it does, it will feel pretty heavy and leave you reflecting on what went wrong.

STEP 1: Start setting boundaries now by saying “NO” to people and things that do not serve you.

By serving, I am referencing those core values of yours: some examples could be (saying no to things and people that are toxic, are not compassionate or kind, maybe are even abusive in nature).

You are now taking YOUR power back and setting healthy boundaries for your own health and wellness and this IS a powerful way to incorporate toxic free living (this is an AMAZING companion article!) into your daily routine.

Toxic Free Living Step 5: Set a NTL Routine

non toxic lifestyle

What is a “Toxic Free Living Routine?” keep reading to find out…

This is a huge one my friends. Our final tip for non toxic living is to set a toxic free living routine.

So, while this tip works for EVERYONE, I am speaking forward to those who tend to not set structure or organization in their daily lives. Those, who tend to go more on a whim and “with the flow.”

While inherently, not necessarily bad, there IS a time and place for everything, and if there isn’t balance and 90% of your life is on a “whim”, well things will tend to remain chaotic and unproductive.

So, to work to a higher potential, setting a non toxic living routine is AMAZING!

This is something you can then PRIORITIZE and it will become a GOOD habit.

So what does this look like?

Here is a simple framework for you:

  1. First, choose which time of day you could commit to your routine: DAY time routine or NIGHT time routine?

  2. Next: choose a duration: 5 mins? 10 mins? 30? or even start at 90 SECONDS if you have to. BUT, whatever you choose, you must commit and stick to it.

  3. Decide what kind of self-care actions will be done during this time: making herbal tea and drinking it with no electronics on; aromatherapy bath by candlelight; sitting in meditation with calming music in background, etc.

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