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5 Minute Meditation Script

5 minute meditation

5 minute meditation

I get it.

Sometimes in life, time goes by so quickly we may feel like we only have 5 minutes to sit down or breathe.

It is truly a fast-paced world we life in.

A harmonious balance of grounding and movement is needed for overall well being.

That is where “5 minute meditations” can come in!

Take a pause in your day today.




If you’d be willing to just give me 5 minutes of your time, you will be amazed at what transformations can come through a meditation practice.

When you are ready… let’s begin our Sunday practice!

5 Minute Meditation Script

5 minute meditation

5 minute meditation

Today our meditation mantra practice will be centered around the theme of growth and expansion. The spring and summer reason is a time of regrowth, rebirth, as the seasons bring back to life that of what was once dormant.

Perhaps there is a season you are going through of growth, refinement, and within in there can be this profound expansion as a result.

Let’s begin…

5 Minute Meditation Script

I am growth.

I am grounded in my roots.

The earth supports all my needs.

I am under refinement.

I allow my love to expand beyond my reach.

I do not fear the shadows.

The moonlight guides me through the healing darkness.

I surrender to the process.

I am whole.

I am reborn.

Stay here in this space for as long as you need.

When ready to seal your meditation practice, slowly blink your eyes open and take in a deep yogic breath.

Be well, beautiful souls.

Be sure to check out this amazing beginner Yin Yoga resource!

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