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10 Budget Travel Tips for Your Next Trip

tips for budge travel

Tips for Budget Travel

The holidays are soon upon us, and what is one thing that many people dread this time of year; yet they consistently do?

You guessed it my friends!

Whether your in-laws live only 5 blocks from you OR you have to travel internationally to visit the kids, this article is JAM-PACKED with money-saving tips and budget-friendly ideas for you to save money on your traveling expenses this holiday season.

So, make sure to read to the end for some awesome offers, and we should dive right in!

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Tips for Budget Travel Overview

tips for budget travel
budget travel

Tips for Budget Travel: Why is this all important?

In the United States alone, the travel industry revenues over 1.9 TRILLION per year.

Pause and read that again.

That is BONKERS, isn’t it?

Whether you have had a travel bucket list forever, or just started traveling for work or leisure, the fact remains the same:

You WILL spend money traveling.

The KEY point here is HOW it will show up for you!

And that’s where YOU hold the power!

Tips For Budget Travel: Have a Plan

tips for budget travel

Tips for Budget Travel:

This tip may seem so obvious but you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who fail to plan certain aspects of their trip (or even the whole trip!).

Failing to plan can lead to so many impulsive purchases, unexpected expenses, and before you know it, you’re knee deep in a credit card balance or spent over your budget for the trip.

Having a plan can help you to avoid dealing with debt upon your return!

Tips for Budget Travel: Choose Sustainable Options

tips for budget travel

Tips for Budget Travel:

Don’t believe the hype when you hear people say that choose alternative options are “more expensive” for you.

It is not always true.

First, learn how to make life more sustainable for you in by the choices you make on a day-to-day basis.

Next, when it comes to travel, there are many more options we have now than we did even 10 years ago!

One way to not only SAVE money during your travels, but to also support the planet and environment, is to pre-plan where you will eat your meals.

This could be a neighborhood cafe, may a small local restaurant, or perhaps even wild-crafting your own herbs and food (IF you are EXPERIENCED with the landscape you are in).

Tips for Budget Travel: Set REAL Expectations

Budget travel is an affordable way to see the world. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort of convenience, though. Throughout this article, we are giving 10 of our most beloved tips for budget travel!

So maybe on THIS particular trip you won’t get to walk the Great Wall of China.

Or maybe choosing the presidential suite to lodge in for a whole week, isn’t in the budget this time around.

But you can still create and experience an amazing trip with some amazing memories! Just remember these few things:

Booking Flights Early

If you book your flights well in advance, you will avoid costly ticket prices and hitting peak season. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about finding cheap airfare during the last minute rush.

Look for Discounts

There are plenty of ways to find discounts and good deals on flights or transportation. You can just search online for “discount flights” or “cheap flights.” Another option, if you have a preferred app or company you go through, you can check out the airlines websites directly.

Stay Flexible

If you are traveling with kids make sure to pack plenty of essentials and personal care items so that you are prepared for emergencies or mishaps. But, things WILL happen. So it is good to research local stores and markets that will be close by to where you will be, so that you can grab things if you need them!

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